Meet The U.S. Rent A Car Staff – Simon Palmer

Name: Simon Palmer

Position: Accounts Payable mickey_mouse

Years Served: 2

Biog (what do you do here): I am responsible for making sure our suppliers (Alamo, Budget and Dollar) are paid on time. For our customers security and piece of mind we pre-pay all our rentals, so I’m always busy making sure we stay on top of this.

Area of Expertise: As geeky as this sounds its probably Excel Spreadsheets!

Favourite USA Location: Miami, Florida. Love the night life.

Ideal Road Trip Companion (not your partner): Richard Hammond, he knows a lot about cars and due to his height wouldn’t take up a lot of room.

Favourite Car: Chrysler 300 (the luxury version)

If you were a Disney Character or Character that appears at Universal who would you be?: Probably the big guy himself….. Mickey Mouse…

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