Picking Up Your USA Car Hire At Christmas

Hi all,

Christmas is fast approaching and for USA car hire the festive period is christmas car hireextremely busy, you can tell how busy it gets by checking out our suppliers local prices over this period.

Checking our upcoming bookings we have over 1000 rentals collecting between the 20th December and the 24th December a lot of these rentals have been booked by repeat customers, those who have used our services in the past, enjoyed it and decided to book again, these customers are fully aware of the collection procedure and what to take with them. However for those who are new to car rental we thought we’d put together a Christmas guide.

What to take with me

To collect your hire vehicle you’ll require the following items;

Your U.S. Rent A Car rental voucher

This is available once the full balance has been paid, you can collect this by logging in to your account at www.usrentacar.co.uk or by using the U.S. Rent A Car voucher app. The car rental voucher is confirmation to our supplier that you have pre-paid everything described under the “what’s included” section, without this the supplier is within their rights to refuse you the vehicle.

Full Driving Licence

Anyone driving the vehicle must produce their full driving licence, UK residents will be required to show both the paper and plastic part of the licence.

Credit Card

The lead driver will be expected to leave an imprint of their credit card for security. The card must be in the name of the lead driver. Some of our suppliers will accept a visa debit card but please check with our reservations department before booking for more information.

Failure to provide any of these can result in the car rental company refusing your hire, in these circumstances no refund will be issued.

Upon Collection

When you pick up your car rental you will be asked to sign a contract with the supplier, this is a legally binding document between yourself and the supplier (not U.S. Rent A Car), it is imperative that you read and fully understand the rental agreement before you sign it.

Any additional charges will be laid out within the rental agreement, if there are additional fee’s and you don’t recognise the nature of them you should make this known to the car rental rep immediately. If you sign for something locally you are agreeing to the additional costs and we (usrentacar) will not be able to retrieve these funds for you.

Always check your rental agreement fully and do not sign it until you are totally happy.

What additional charges could appear on the rental agreement?

Not all additional charges are erroneous,  supplier can charge for one way rental fee’s (picking up in one place but dropping in another), child seat rental, GPS rental or adding additional drivers locally.

Just remember to double check what you’re signing for.

If you’re picking up over the Christmas period have a wonderful time, I’m very jealous :-)



 car hire USA

If You’re Waiting For A December USA Car Hire Special, Its Not Going To Happen

Hi all,

If you’re leaving your USA car hire for the Christmas period (December) until the last minute hoping for a late deal I’m afraid you’re going to be very disappointed. Every major car rental company in the U.S. has released black out (stop sale) periods across Florida and the USA. All of the suppliers I have spoken to have confirmed that they will definitely sell out in December. Vehicles are already being moved from down town locations to cover the airport demand.

A quick look at the local car hire pricing, which is always a good guide to how business is doing domestically tells a tale! Would you be happy to pay over £150 for an economy rental car for a week with no insurance? Well locally you can’t even get it that cheap!

Alamo Rent A Car

As you can see an Economy vehicle with no insurance included within the rate for a week will cost $437.42 locally approximately £275.00 !!!

Budget Rent A Car

Budget as you can see for our most popular vehicle the Intermediate SUV are $557.99 for a week with no insurance approximately £350.00 !

Dollar Rent A Car

7 Seater minivans in December are like gold dust, as you can see above a minivan for a week with no insurance will cost you $1659.00 approximately £1040!!

I would advise our customer if you need a car in December get it booked now, don’t wait because car rental is literally sell out fast!



 car hire USA

Are We Looking At A USA Car Hire Shortage For Christmas?

Hi all,

Yeah, yeah I know… its only August and I’m already talking about Christmas. I’m well aware of the unwritten rule that you can’t mention Christmas until the Coca Cola advert comes on the TV but I thought this information was worth breaking that embargo.

We reported via our facebook page a few weeks back how we were expecting a Christmas surcharge to be on the way shortly and my findings today definitely support this.

During my usual trawling of USA car rental sites to make sure we remain the UK’s number one for price and service I came across some interesting pricing for Christmas from our main suppliers.

The following screen shots are all based on Orlando International Airport (MCO) for a weeks hire commencing the 20th December 2012 as if I were a U.S. domestic customer.

Alamo Rent A Car

Budget Rent A Car

Dollar Rent A Car

As you can see prices are already in the hundreds of dollars and the prices above don’t even include insurance!!

So why the shortage?

Here’s my thought process… you’re a car rental supplier, you know that each year the domestic market goes bonkers and you’re probably going to sell out, actually demand will exceed supply. So just like holidays being more expensive in kids summer holidays, car rental prices go up.

However you also know that you’re going to make more money selling to the domestic market than you will selling to the international market. Reason being you’ve negotiated contractual pricing way before the Christmas period hits, yes prices can alter but not the to the extent of a domestic hire. What you do control though is the availability of vehicles over this period, so where as a business is the best place for you availability to be?… Correct domestically.

So the point I raise of an impending Christmas period shortage is very real… actually so real I wrote about it last year as well…

So my advice would be to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment especially on minivans and convertibles, remember you can secure your rental with a £50 deposit.



 car hire USA

Will Suppliers Add A Christmas Surcharge? Here’s Why I Think They Will!

Hi all,

Christmas is fast approaching, have you booked your USA car hire yet? I ask this as I have a feeling prices will soon be about to shoot up….


Like everybody car rental suppliers are feeling the pinch, the second hand car market is bottoming out and the actually amount of vehicles on the road is down due to the knock on effects of the Tsunami.

Suppliers know Christmas will be busy, they also know that the U.S. domestic market will hire a huge amount of vehicles, more than they actually have.

So… checking pricing today I came across some worrying pricing if you’re a U.S. citizen.

All these rates are for Orlando International Airport from 20/12/11 for 1 week taken from the supplier’s .com sites today.

Now as you can probably see, the price for an economy vehicle is about £400.00 per week and a minivan at around £675.00 per week!!!!!

Now granted this is for U.S. resident’s…. however with suppliers thinking they are going to perhaps sell totally out, which market would you prioritise your cars for? The U.S. market who will pay £400 per week or the UK market where an economy car can be rented for just £112.00?

I feel very soon suppliers will introduce to the UK market either a black out period or stop sale, meaning no cars will be available over this period or they will look to introduce a Christmas surcharge.

If I were you, I’d be looking to book as soon as possible to avoid the inevitable increase.

Remember you can book online at www.usrentacar.co.uk and secure most rentals with a £50 deposit.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

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