Cheetah Hunt Reviewed

Hi all,

The first thing I noticed about Cheetah Hunt was the fact I didn’t really notice it at all….

Let me explain, I was recently invited to Busch Gardens by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment to familiarise myself with the park and therefore help me to sell the product more efficiently.

I had been to Busch Gardens previously, approximately 4 years ago so I had a good understanding of the park and where the unique selling points for me were, however on the 27th May 2011 Busch Gardens introduced their new ride “Cheetah Hunt” so I was extremely keen to ride this… to be honest it was going to be my personal highlight….

So you can image my dismay when I got off the coach to be met with a large sign stating “These rides are not in operation today”…………….”cheetah hunt”!!!!

My heart dropped and inwardly I threw my toys right out of the pram! The thing with new rides is that they do run in to teething problems, and these days and particularly with new rides, everyone is hyper vigilant, some would say almost over vigilant, so the slightest error picked up via the maze of infra-red lazers used all over the coaster means the ride shuts.

A little  disheartened, I happily continued on my once in a life time tour around Busch Gardens taking in many of the parks great coasters including SheiKra, Kumba and Gwazi.  I also had the added benefit of enjoying the splendid Serengeti Safari, I got to see some Rhino’s close up where we were warned “be aware if they look like they are going to charge we’re out of here!”; I got to feed and stroke a couple of Giraffes one of which was named “Tyson” yes, he was big! :-)

It was roughly in the middle of the Safari when it was pointed out to me that Cheetah Hunt was running!…. It was only running a few test laps, but I had noticed!! and the reason for this….

Its so quiet…. like a cheetah… Cheetah Hunt is so smooth around the massive track which covers a large portion of the “top” of the park that, like me, you could easily miss its riding!

Then I got the news I’d hoped for “well next, I think we’ll ride Cheetah Hunt”!!! Hooray!!!

First of the bat, the ride looks great, all new rides should but the bright colours of yellow and green really draw you to this ride.

As with many new rides the wait time jumped from 20mins to 2 hours in less than half an hour but luckily for me  and to the annoyance of those queuing I got fast tracked to the front!!!

Cheetah Hunt has 3 launches within the ride, that similar to the Hulk at Universal, give you a speed boost (up to 60 mph I’m told) that adds the thrill to this thrill ride.

The ride is designed to represent the hunting prowess of the Cheetah and I must admit I got the vision, the quick sharp turns of the chicane style part of the coaster really bring to life the sense of hunting your prey.

The launches, especially before a steep incline give you the weightless feeling that will have you giggling and full of adrenaline that any good coaster should have.

Busch, I personally think, have been clever with this ride to not make it too extreme… if you’re expecting a SheiKra style coaster you’ll be surprised. Its not about big drops.

Cheetah Hunt is about speed and thrill. Personally I loved the ride, and at a height restriction of only 4ft most of the family can too….

View our pictures of Busch Gardens on our facebook page here

Have you ridden Cheetah Hunt, what did you think?



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How Cute Is Busch Gardens Latest Arrival?

Hi all,

As many of you know Busch Gardens will be opening a new theme park ride in late May called Cheetah Hunt.

Part of the new ride will be an innovative new habitat opening alongside the Cheetah Hunt launch coaster that will bring guests face to face with the cheetahs.

Well Busch Gardens Tampa animal care took delivery of this little chap yesterday,

the 4-week-old baby cheetah has to be fed regularly and pack on a few more pounds before it joins others at the park’s Cheetah Run habitat.

Vet’s at Busch Gardens have been caring and hand-raising the cub since its mother could not care for it, the feline was born in the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and had trouble gaining weight.

Jacksonville zoo officials recommended the baby cheetah be raised in Busch Gardens in the Tampa, the Busch Gardens blog said.

The cub now weighs about 2 pounds and is eating well.. Once the cub is old enough, he will be introduced into the Cheetah Run habitat.

The cub may also become a part of a breeding program to boost the population of the endangered species. About 12,400 cheetahs remain in the wild, according to Busch Gardens.

How CUTE!!!



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Cheetah Hunt Roller Coaster Cars And Construction

Hi all,

Cheetah Hunt is due to officially open on the 27/05/11 so I thought I’d take this opportunity to post up some of the construction pictures doing the rounds.

What do you think of Busch Gardens new ride?

Will you be going to Busch Gardens to ride it?



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Fans Petition Busch Gardens Over Cheetah Hunt Name

Hi all,

Yesterday Busch Gardens announced their new 3 launch roller coaster Cheetah Hunt, the new ride due to open in Spring 2011, features 3, 0-60 mphcheetahhunt seperate launches during the ride and initial videos and descriptions have got people salivating at the prospect.

The launch of this new ride was one of the worst kept secrets in launch history, it felt like we all new ever detail of this ride including  the name Cheetaka or did we….

In the end it appears Busch Gardens got one over on the internet and used Cheetaka as a spoof or working name while actually keeping the real name (Cheetah Hunt) safe for the official launch.

However the great PR has not stopped as an online petition has began to try and convince Busch Gardens to switch the name to Cheetaka. You can sign the petition here

I imagine the petition has sighted the recent success of the online petition that convince Gap to shelve plans to alter their logo.

Some cynics (well me) have come up with the crazy concept that perhaps this is a double bluff by Busch Gardens to drum up further PR for their new ride, if it is, I applaud your marketing team!

What do you think?

Is their much in a name?



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Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove Announcements

Hi all,

Stolen from my new best friends at I can exclusively reveal probably about an hour later than everyone else ;-) busch gardens and seaworld

Busch Gardens

Is building a new launch coaster called Cheetah Hunt due to open in Spring 2011.

More Info can be found here – Busch Gardens unveils new coaster

Discovery Cove

Is building a new Grand Reef including a new under water walking tour called “SeaVenture

More info can be found here – Discovery Cove announces new Grand Reef

Exciting stuff at the SeaWorld head quarters.

What do you think of these announcements, what are you looking forward to most?



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