7 Ways To Drive Green

Below are U.S. Rent A Cars top 7 ways to drive more Eco friendly. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment below.

1) Drive smoothly Try to avoid harsh acceleration and braking – pulling away too fast can use up 60% more fuel.

2) Don’t Rev Avoid revving the engine unnecessarily – this wastes fuel and increases harmful emissions.

3) Concentrate Look ahead and anticipate the road conditions and other people’s actions – this reduces the need for hard braking and acceleration.

4) Avoid short journeys. Short journeys on a cold engine use up to twice as much fuel as a warmed up engine – producing more pollution.

5) Plan your journeys. Plan your journeys to avoid peak periods, road works and getting lost – you will have a more relaxing journey and will waste less fuel.

6) Limit your speed. Optimise your fuel consumption, reduce your emissions and avoid speeding fines by observing the speed limit.

7) Change gear efficiently. Change gear at 1500 to 2500 rpm can save up to 15% on fuel – and reduce emissions by the same amount.

How To Avoid Being Carjacked

Carjacking is a “completed or attempted robbery of a motor vehicle by a stranger to the victim. It differs from other motor vehicle theft because the victim is present and the offender uses oir threatens force” according to the United States Department of Justice.

Favourite Carjacking Spots

  • Parking lots
  • Shopping centres
  • Gas station
  • Car washes
  • Convience stores
  • ATM’s
  • Fast Food Drive Throughs

How to Avoid

  • When leaving your car unattended, slide the front seats as far back as possible to leave no room for anyone to hide in the back.
  • Before getting in, check the back seat
  • Park in well-lit, un-isolated areas
  • Look out for people loitering
  • If suspicious of someone do not go to your car, walk or run away
  • Have your keys in your hand as you approach your car so you can get in as soon as possible
  • Once inside your car, drive off immediatley
  • In cities drive with the windows wound up and the doors locked

How To Control A Skidding Car

Driving in ice, snow and rain can cause even experienced drivers to lose control. Drivers who aren’t sure how to handle the situation may overcorrect and actually make the skid worse. Luckily, there is a correct way to handle a skid that will get the car back under control without any injuries.




Step 1


Stay calm when your vehicle starts to skid so that you don’t make the wrong move and worsen the situation.


Step 2


Steer into the skid by turning the wheel in the direction that your vehicle is skidding. This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the best way to regain control of your vehicle during a skid.


Step 3


Accelerate gently or remove your foot slowly from the gas pedal without touching the brake.


Step 4


Keep all of your motions fluid and smooth. This prevents the car from becoming even more unstable.


Tips & Warnings

  • Add weight, such as kat litter, to your trunk to prevent skids. Driving more slowly and using snow tires or chains when needed also help.
  • Consider taking a driving course specifically designed to train you to handle dangerous road conditions. Although these courses can be pricey, they can also teach you valuable lessons that could save your life in the event of a skid or other driving emergency.
  • Remember that even a light sprinkling of rain after a dry spell can make roads deceptively slick by mixing with oils on the road.
  • Braking hard or turning too quickly during a skid will only cause your vehicle to fishtail by throwing the vehicle’s weight out of balance.

What To Do If Your Car Falls Into Water

Surviving the Elements – Water

  • Do not panic
  • Open a window and climb out through it
  • If your car is fitted with electric windows they will fuse and jam. The pressure of the water on the doors will make them almost impossible to open so wait until the water reaches your head, hold your breath and open a door. By then, the pressure inside and outside the car should be equal.
  • Alternatively, try breaking a window or the windscreen with a heavy object such as a steering lock. You can buy spring-loaded punches for making holes in metal and they are handy to carry in the car for breaking glass in this kind of emergency. Place the punch in the corner of the window for the best effect.
  • The weight of the engine will pull the front end down. So the greater the fall or if the water is deeper than about 15 feet, the great risk of the car settling on its roof. If the car does sink nose first, an air pocket will usually form in the back. Try to climb into it if you are unable to escape immediately.


Getting out of the car is one problem. Getting out of the water is another if you have fallen though ice. The water absorbed by clothes could add to your weight by up to 60lbs. The advice from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is to turn towards the direction you come from, as the ice will be stronger from where you came, and lay your hands and arms flat on the unbroken ice. If possible, use a sharp object, such as a bunch of keys, to gain purchase on the ice. Kick your feet to work your way back on to the surface of the ice. If it breaks, repeat the action until you are out. Once out roll away from the hole to spread your weight, do not stand or walk.

Most Stolen Cars in America


Here are the 10 most stolen vehicles as reported by the NICB — the number in parentheses is the model year most stolen:

  1. Honda Civic (1995)
  2. Honda Accord (1991)
  3. Toyota Camry (1989)
  4. Ford F-150 (1997)
  5. Chevrolet C/K 1500 (1994)
  6. Acura Integra (1994)
  7. Dodge Ram Pickup (2004)
  8. Nissan Sentra (1994)
  9. Toyota Pickup (1988)
  10. Toyota Corolla (2007)

Interestingly the Honda Civic has actually held on to top spot for a couple of years in a row. On a positive note car theft has actually declined 9% year on year in the U.S.

Luckly in terms of car hire, all these makes and models are too old to make it to our suppliers fleet but if your looking to buy one, perhaps steer clear of the above ;-) .



Alamo Car Hire USA Price Increase on Monday

Hi All,

Unfortunately we have been contacted today by Alamo, who have confirmed a price increase on most vehicles, in most locations, to start from Monday 18th Jan 2010.

All bookings made before Monday will be honoured at the prices shown, however quotes will not.

We hope this will be the last increase imposed this year, but are of course in the hands of the suppliers. Remember you can secure your rental by leaving a £50 deposit.



How to beat Travel Sickness

Hi all,

I remember as a child suffering alot from travel sickness. It was a complete pain and I always dreaded long drives. With this in mind I have put together some tips for beating Travel Sickness.

In a car

  • If the child is old enough they should sit in the front of the car where they can get a clear view of the road.
  • Young children should be put in the back seat where they can see the road.
  • Try to get children to avoid looking down into their lap.
  • Reading or games that encourage concentrating downwards should be left until the journey is over.
  • Singing along to music or playing games that encourage looking ahead helps prevent problems.
  • Make sure the car is well ventilated, too.
  • Ask the driver to take bends gently, to not accelerate and slow down repeatedly, and to stop for regular stretches (at least once an hour) throughout the trip.

In the air

  • Ask for a seat over the wing, where the plane is most stable.
  • Tilt your seat back, rest your head on the headrest, and close your eyes.
  • Music helps some people relax and takes the mind off feeling unwell
  • Some people know they’re going to be sick whatever they do. If this is the case, ask for a seat near the toilets.

Prevention and Treatment

As well as the advice above, the following can help to reduce the chance of travel sickness:

  • Avoiding heavy meals and alcohol before travelling.
  • Keeping still with eyes closed.
  • Anti-sickness medicines from the pharmacist. These should be taken before travel according to the instructions so they have time to be absorbed by the body.
  • Ginger or peppermint remedies. Ginger can be taken as a biscuit, tea or in crystallised form, while peppermint can be sucked as a sweet or taken as a tea.
  • Acupressure. This can be applied using a wristband or by pressing your finger against the middle of the inner wrist about three finger widths above the crease where the wrist joins the hand.

Do you have any further tips that could help our readers?



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