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The annual Car Rental Show hosted in Las Vegas has just finished, for those of you unfamiliar with The Car Rental Show (CRS), it offers the opportunity for the industry to come together and learn from each other and help provide a closer working relationship between the usually segregated industry.

Unfortunately like you, I was unable to attend this year event, however I was able to follow parts of it via twitter, so I thought I’d show below some of the more interesting tweets I noticed.

Ful Cygler says Florida is best market for newest vehicles#carrentalshow

NB: Our own statistic’s support this as well, with California a close second.

At the marketing table: everyone here agrees that Google is the most important search engine to b aware of #carrentalshow

NB: Not exactly ground breaking news, perhaps show’s how behind car rental is.

more dealers are going to enter the market, Kushner says#carrentalshow

NB: Great for the consumer, at present approximately 4 car rental suppliers own the market, more competitors = better rates.

Chris Brown: It’s not about the rental car, its about the car rental process #carrentalshow

NB: Customer services is your best USP?

Mark Frissora, Hertz CEO: “customers are smarter than they ever have been” #carrentalshow

NB: Suggesting that customers were stupid before ;-)

Frissora says int’l travel is expected to double to $2T in 2020#carrentalshow

NB: $2 trillion!!! Wowsers…

He says that off-airport rental is a fast-growing source for leisure and business rentals #carrentalshow

NB: I believe this aimed at U.S. travellers not European

Technology is ‘Putting the power of companies in the hands of consumers’ – Mark Frissora Hertz #carrentalshow

NB: Positive or a negative?

Freeman: “we’ve only skimmed the surface of what this industry can do.” #carrentalshow

NB: Very true.

Barton: “be a fire prevention officer not a fire fighter” #carrentalshow

NB: Interesting buzz phrase.

Schalberg: keep the rental car counter free of clutter, separate back office papers from front counter papers #carrentalshow


46% of Facebook users say their travel destination was affected by what their Facebook community says #carrentalshow

NB: Does this ring true to you?

Some interesting things coming out of The Car Rental Show, although for me I’m still amazed at how slow the car rental industry moves to adopt new technology.

What do you think?



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