How The U.S. Rent A Car Customer Care Department Works

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It occurred to me while speaking to a customer today that I’ve never reallycustomer care posted about the procedures our customer care team go through to investigate your queries, so I thought today would be the perfect time to do this.

Here at we try to adhere to the guidlines set by ABTA which in a nut shell state a travel complaint should be dealt with in 28 days of receipt. Obviously we try to close all cases quicker than this but the nature of a complaint dictates if that is possible.

What do I do first?

So firstly we require all complaints in writing, email is our preferred method, within the email we require our customers to give as much detail as possible regarding their query, we never remove or amend information written in a customer’s email so this is your chance to tell your side of the story. We also require our booking ref number starting BK and if possible the rental agreement (document) or rental agreement  number printed on the contract you signed locally.

Just to confirm, our systems are not linked directly to the suppliers, if you have a query regarding something that happened locally with the supplier we wont have a direct link to it. In the same vain receives zero commision for anything purchased locally.

What next?

Once we receive your query, we open up a case here and forward your email on to the appropriate supplier. We will then send you an email confirming receipt of your query and confirming we have approached the supplier for comments and if you haven’t been able to provide a rental agreement we will request a copy.

Within 28 days

We urge all our suppliers to respond and close customer cases as soon as possible. We chase them weekly for updates on all cases and every Friday our customer care representatives meet with our senior team to look over any cases that have been open for more than 10 days.

In the past we’ve generally put our heads down and tried to get cases completed however recently and due to customer feedback, we have added a new step to keep customers in the loop, if we have to chase a supplier we will also drop you an email to notify you that we are doing this.


We’ll always get an answer for you, sometimes we’ll send the reply from the supplier directly to you without amendment. Other times we’ll dismiss a suppliers reply and ask them to think again about their reply.

One thing I can guarantee you is that we will always be on your side and try our best to get you the result you require. Sometimes this isn’t always possible.

Follow up

Just because the supplier has replied that doesn’t mean our job is done, if you’re still unhappy and require us to go back to the supplier we’re happy to do this for you.


  • Email us with your query (
  • You’ll receive confirmation email from us that we’ve started the process.
  • Updates on your case where necessary.
  • Result, we’ll forward the supplier explanation.
  •  Follow up, the case isn’t closed until we have exhausted all avenues.

Remember to help our customer care department do not sign your rental agreement without fully reading and understanding it.

Kind regards,


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3 Things You May Not Know About USA Car Hire

Hi all,

Hot on the trail of yesterdays 3 U.S. Rent A Car pages you may have Drivermissed comes today’s offering.

3 things you may not know about USA car hire.

Additional Driver for Free

Yep that’s right, in California (pick up only) all our suppliers offer an additional driver free of charge within the Silver rate. The additional driver does not have to be named at the time of booking as their details will be required locally. The additional driver must still adhere to our terms and conditions, for example they must be the holder of a full licence.

Free One Way Rentals

Within California or Florida picking up in one location and dropping off at another (within the same state) is free of charge. Generally suppliers like to charge an additional fee but we have negotiated some additional benefits.

We also have a few suppliers that offer free one way rentals between Nevada, Arizona and California (vice versa) ask our reservations department on 0845 226 8523 about which suppliers most suit your trip. Alternatively you can use our location finder to check one way rental prices.

Young Driver Policies

Paying the young drivers surcharge locally can work out to be very expensive, the local charge is generally $25 plus tax per day per driver, but can be more depending upon pick up location.

Through a couple of our suppliers we can offer the young drivers package which can drastically reduce the cost involved for young driver in the USA.

I hope some of our readers can take advantage of these unique special offers and hopefully in the future we can announce some more.



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3 Pages You May Have Missed On U.S. Rent A Car

Hi all, is a massive website now with thousands and thousands of Binocularspages. Making all these pages easy to find is pretty hard, we try our best but we’re pretty sure some of our better pages are being missed.

So today I thought I’d point out some of the more interesting pages that I believe might aid you in your car hire USA search.

Location Finder

An innovation we first introduced on 2012 and was quickly copied by our competitors. The location Finder serves two purposes, firstly it allows you to type in an address, for example the address of your accommodation, and the location finder will show you the closest car rental offices to that address. It’s great for customers collecting from city locations.

The second part is the One Way Rental finder, the purpose is quite simple, enter your pick up location and your desired drop off location and the finder will display each suppliers local charge for this. Can be really helpful as one way prices can differ per supplier.


Car Rental Reviews

Almost 10 years ago we started collecting USA car hire reviews from customers regarding the service our suppliers we’re offering, we were the first car rental company to do this and therefore have the largest database of independent car rental reviews.

The obvious part of the review service is that it gives you a great idea of what to expect locally but one of the hidden gems is the car rental make or model. We ask each customer to tell us which vehicle they received locally, this allows us to build up a database of vehicles housed in each category which although is no guarantee it does help our customers select the category which will most suit their needs.



One of the pet hates of all car renters is having to queue to fill in documentation and collect car details.

Most of our suppliers offer a pre-registration system to speed up the  process locally. We’ve added all these systems under one page.


I hope you find at least one of these pages useful and we’ll continue too add to them to make car rental as simple as possible.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Platinum And Young Drivers Plus Insurance Reminder

Afternoon all,

Here at we offer a unique package that we call either the platinumPlatinum Package (if you’re over 25) or the Young Drivers Package Plus (if you’re 21-24). We launched it back in 2012 and its proved very popular.

The Platinum/Young Drivers Plus Package offers additional insurance not covered within the suppliers pre-paid packages including

  • Excess top up: Total section limit is £2000.00 reimbursement for any physical loss or damage to the rental vehicles for which you are responsible under the terms of the vehicle rental agreement including;
  • Physical damage to the windscreens, tyres and under carriage
  • Towing costs relating to the loss or damage
  • Lock out: If unintentionally locked out of the rental vehicle Halo Car Hire Insurance up to £100.00 to open the rental vehicle.
  • Vehicle Key Replacement; Halo Car Hire Insurance will pay to replace a lost or stolen rental vehicle key, including replacement locks and locksmith charges up to a maximum of £300.00 for each and every claim.

This additional insurance level is not part of the suppliers contracting and you cannot prepay it through the supplier.

It is something that we organise here in the UK through a 3rd party. Its the reason we ask you to print off a separate insurance form located below your car rental voucher found in the customer section.

When you approach the suppliers locally to collect your vehicle, they will have no reference to your pre-purchased top up insurance due to the data protection act. As the guys on the desks work on commision they may even  try to offer you their own version of this, some call it RoadSafe or Advanced RoadSide Protection, they generally charge $15.00 a day for it. You do not need to take this as you have already purchased this through us.

If you have purchased the Platinum Rate or the Young Drivers Package Plus and you sign locally for the suppliers additional insurance we will be unable to retrieve a refund for you for either packages.

Remember: Your pre-purchased insurance through is underwritten by a UK company and the supplier is not notified of this insurance. The insurance though is completely valid.



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Picking Up Your USA Car Hire At Christmas

Hi all,

Christmas is fast approaching and for USA car hire the festive period is christmas car hireextremely busy, you can tell how busy it gets by checking out our suppliers local prices over this period.

Checking our upcoming bookings we have over 1000 rentals collecting between the 20th December and the 24th December a lot of these rentals have been booked by repeat customers, those who have used our services in the past, enjoyed it and decided to book again, these customers are fully aware of the collection procedure and what to take with them. However for those who are new to car rental we thought we’d put together a Christmas guide.

What to take with me

To collect your hire vehicle you’ll require the following items;

Your U.S. Rent A Car rental voucher

This is available once the full balance has been paid, you can collect this by logging in to your account at or by using the U.S. Rent A Car voucher app. The car rental voucher is confirmation to our supplier that you have pre-paid everything described under the “what’s included” section, without this the supplier is within their rights to refuse you the vehicle.

Full Driving Licence

Anyone driving the vehicle must produce their full driving licence, UK residents will be required to show both the paper and plastic part of the licence.

Credit Card

The lead driver will be expected to leave an imprint of their credit card for security. The card must be in the name of the lead driver. Some of our suppliers will accept a visa debit card but please check with our reservations department before booking for more information.

Failure to provide any of these can result in the car rental company refusing your hire, in these circumstances no refund will be issued.

Upon Collection

When you pick up your car rental you will be asked to sign a contract with the supplier, this is a legally binding document between yourself and the supplier (not U.S. Rent A Car), it is imperative that you read and fully understand the rental agreement before you sign it.

Any additional charges will be laid out within the rental agreement, if there are additional fee’s and you don’t recognise the nature of them you should make this known to the car rental rep immediately. If you sign for something locally you are agreeing to the additional costs and we (usrentacar) will not be able to retrieve these funds for you.

Always check your rental agreement fully and do not sign it until you are totally happy.

What additional charges could appear on the rental agreement?

Not all additional charges are erroneous,  supplier can charge for one way rental fee’s (picking up in one place but dropping in another), child seat rental, GPS rental or adding additional drivers locally.

Just remember to double check what you’re signing for.

If you’re picking up over the Christmas period have a wonderful time, I’m very jealous :-)



 car hire USA

U.S. Rent A Car At The World Travel Market

Hi all,

Last week representatives of U.S. Rent A Car attended the World Travel MarketWTM1 (WTM). WTM is a 4 day long exhibition held at Excel in London where suppliers and buyers meetup to discuss the previous years work and how they can increase business in 2014.

Each industry has a different approach to WTM and what they can get out of it, for USA car hire companies its a good chance to meet new suppliers and nail down some deals. Here’s what we got up too.

Sixt Rent A Car

Our first meeting was with Sixt Rent A Car who were obviously delighted with the numbers we had produced for them. As a first year supplier on I think they were a bit shocked at how many rentals we can send. This actually coincided with one of our concerns; can Sixt provide enough vehicles for the amount of business we can send?

Sixt are probably the fastest growing independent car rental company in the U.S. at the moment their strategy of growing via franchises seems to be working well and they continue to grow and add to their Fleet. They were confident they would have the Fleet to maintain our growth.

Alamo Rent A Car

Next up was a meeting with Alamo Rent A Car, always good to meet up with these guys, not only as we have a great working relationship but they are also fans of this blog ;-)

As always Alamo are keen to receive even more rentals from us and from early talks we could be looking at some additional product in the shape of prestige vehicles and opening up in to alternative markets.

Budget Rent A Car

Its been a strange year with Budget Rent A Car lots of behind the scene’s politics that have kept them from being sold on Talks at WTM went very well and we hope to have them back on sale in the first quarter of 2014. We’re still talking about what type of product we’ll be offering.

Dollar Rent A Car

2014 looks to be the first year that Hertz will play a more hands on role in the running of Dollar Rent A Car, we are expecting a merging of systems and fleet which should see a much smoother process.

We’ve been talking about adding additional product from them including perhaps adding their high end brands but we’ll need to see if this is something our customers want.


We met with a few other suppliers about the possibility of adding them to our site, but on first impression we weren’t convinced that they could offer the basic level of service we would expect. You get what you pay for…

We’ll have post WTM meetings with all these suppliers to see where we go from here, we will of course keep you post via the blog.



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2013 Most Popular Car Hire USA Locations

Morning all,

As I mentioned yesterday I’ve been looking through the stat’s for 2013 in map usapreparation for meeting with suppliers, yesterdays post concentrated on the most popular vehicles rented in the U.S.  today I’m taking a look at the most popular pick up locations.

The statistics below only include vehicles collected by customers within 2013 (bookings could be made in 2012) and for rentals of 7 days or more.

2013 2012
1 Orlando International Airport (MCO) Orlando International Airport (MCO)
2 Sanford International Airport  (SFB) Sanford International Airport (SFB)
3 Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
4 Las Vegas International Airport (LAS) Tampa International Airport  (TPA)
5 Tampa International Airport (TPA) Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
6 San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Miami International Airport  (MIA)
7 Miami International Airport (MIA) Las Vegas International Airport (LAS)
8 Newark International Airport (EWR) Boston International Airport (BOS)
9 Boston International Airport (BOS) Denver International Airport (DEN)
10 Denver International Airport (DEN) Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)


Only one new entries this year in the shape of Newark which has performed extremely well. A nice climb for LAX which has performed marvelously this year as has Las Vegas.

Orlando still remains number one and with the reported opening of a new extension to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2014 I can’t see it being shifted for the foreseeable future.



 car hire USA

2013 Most Rented Vehicles In The USA

Hi all,

2013 is coming to an end and its about this time of year we meet up with our convertiblemustangcar hire USA supplier to discuss the year and look to the future. Its in preparation for these meetings that some interesting facts cross my desk.

As with every year we like to take a look at the most popular vehicle types rented on U.S. Rent A Car and compare them to the year before. I started posting these stat’s in 2011, you can view them here -

2013 has seen our most varied car mix for a long time the difference between 1st place and 10th was surprisingly small.

Here’s what 2012′s top 10 looked like;

  1. Intermediate Sports Utility – Ford Escape or similar
  2. 7 Seater Minivan – Dodge Caravan or similar
  3. Convertible 2dr – Ford Mustang or similar
  4. Economy 2dr – Chevrolet Aveo or similar
  5. Full Size 4dr – Dodge Charger or similar
  6. Intermediate 4dr – Hyundai Sonata or similar
  7. Standard Sports Utility – Jeep Grand Cherokee or similar
  8. Full Size 7 seater Sports Utility – Ford Explorer or similar
  9. 12 Seater Minivan – Ford E-350 or similar
  10. Full Size 2dr – Dodge Charger or similar

In 2012 the Intermediate Sports Utility was out in front by a long way and the Full Size vehicles claimed 2 places..

Here’s 2013′s Most Rented Vehicles

  1. Convertible 2dr – Ford Mustang or similar
  2. Intermediate Sports Utility – Ford Escape or similar
  3. 7 Seater Minivan – Dodge Caravan or similar
  4. Intermediate 4dr – Hyundai Sonata or similar
  5. Full Size 4dr – Chevrolet Impala or similar
  6. Compact 4dr – Ford Focus or similar
  7. Economy 4dr – Chevrolet Aveo or similar
  8. Intermediate 2dr – Dodge Avenger or similar
  9. Economy 2dr – Chevrolet Aveo or similar
  10. Standard SUV – Grand Jeep Cherokee or similar

So in 3 years we’ve now seen 3 different car groups top the charts, 2011 was ruled by the minivan, 2012 the intermediate sports utility and this year the Convertible.

I wonder what 2014 will bring, I’m putting an early bet on the Intermeidate reclaiming its spot.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

J.D. Power 2013 Car Rental Ratings

Hi all,

There are  lots of customer satisfaction surveys covering the car rental industry but none are held in such esteem as the  J.D. Power Car Rental satisfaction survey. This will be the 5th year we’ve displayed the results of the survey on the U.S. Rent A Car blog but its been reviewing car rental satisfaction for over 18 years.

The survey is a great indication of how consumers view USA car hire and a great matrix for showing price v’s service.  This year more than any other the old adage “you get what you pay for” has never rung so true, with car rental customers who based their choice on price were the least satisfied with the service they received.

Key Points

  • More than one-third (35%) of customers cite low price as a top reason for selecting their rental car company.  Yet, overall satisfaction is lowest among customers who select based on price (756 on a 1,000-point scale). In comparison, overall satisfaction among customers who choose a rental car company based on good customer service is highest (828).
  • Overall customer satisfaction with their rental car experience averages 775 in 2013, a six-point increase from 2012 and the highest satisfaction score since the study’s current methodology was adopted in 2006.
  • Customers on personal or leisure travel are slightly more satisfied, on average, than are business customers (777 vs. 771, respectively). Personal or leisure customers are more satisfied than are business customers across all factors except the pick-up process.
  • A critical factor associated with rental car satisfaction is expediency of pick up.  Among the 20 percent of customers who use a counter bypass service, satisfaction with the pick-up process averages 820 compared with 770 for those that use the rental counter.
  • A smile from the rental car staff can have a huge impact on overall satisfaction. Overall satisfaction among customers greeted with a smile from one member of a rental car company’s staff is 58 points higher than among those not greeted with a smile (693 vs. 635, respectively). Satisfaction among customers greeted with a smile by four staff members is 200 points higher than among those not greeted with a smile (835 vs. 635, respectively).
  • National ranks highest in customer satisfaction among rental car companies, with a score of 809, performing particularly well across all six factors. Enterprise ranks second with a score of 799, followed by Alamo with 782.

Overall Rankings

jd power 2013

A few things need to be remembered when looking at these stat’s. Firstly they are purely based on domestic customers the way a domestic customer is serviced is totally different to inbound customers, secondly all the suppliers that appeared under the top 3 all secured higher marks than the previous year and thirdly with Hertz purchasing Dollar Thrifty and four of last years entries not even making the survey due to low samples the industry average is misleadingly high.

However even with that taken into consideration its still a great result for Enterprise, congratulation to their team who I know work extremely hard.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Dollar Rent A Car Offer Early Bird Prices And No Florida Summer Surcharge

Hi all,

USA car hire suppliers notoriously play their cards very close to their chests at this time of year. Most of the negotiations for 2014 pricing takes place at World Travel Market which starts on the 4th November.early bird

However this year and its pretty unprecedented, Dollar Rent A Car have decided to come out all guns blazing. If this is the Hertz effect then here at U.S. Rent A Car we couldn’t be happier!

So what’s different, well usually our suppliers raise their rates, this year for now, Dollar have frozen ours, which means you’re getting 2013 prices in 2014. This works out at a saving based year on year of approximately 5%.

Secondly and this is a biggy, at the moment you can book your Florida Car Hire for collection in July and August 2014 without having to pay the usual peak season surcharge this represents a saving of $60 per week!

As with all offers, these are subject to change without notice so I would urge you to take advantage of these great rates. Remember you can secure your rental with a £50 deposit, the balance would then be due 8 weeks prior to departure.

So don’t delay, book today.



 car hire USA

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