5 Things To Consider When Renting A Car

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Car hire in the USA can seem quite a daunting prospect, here at usrentacar.co.uk we try to make something that can be complicated as simple and easy as possible.

Today’s post revolves around 5 key things you need to consider when booking your Florida car hire. I will attempt to cover what I believe to be the most important parts of your hire determine by questions we get asked by customers.


Our reservations staff answer questions all day regarding insurances included within our car rental packages. Customers should be looking for these insurances as the absolute minimum.

CDW (collision damage waiver) or LDW (Loss damage waiver) both offer the same insurance feature. As long as you adhere to the rental policy of the supplier you will not be held responsible for the cost of replacement or repair to your hire vehicle.

UMP (Uninsured Motorist Protection) up to $1m Liability Cover. Offers an Uninsured/Underinsured/Hit-and-Run Motorist Protection (UMP) that provides the renter and family members travelling together in the rented vehicle with up to $1,000,000 of non-stacked coverage for bodily injury sustained while driving the rental car, and caused by another driver who has no insurance, minimal insurance, or is a hit-and-run driver.

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) up to $1m Liability Cover. All drivers included on the rental agreement will not be held liable for third party claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from an accident.

All our packages (Silver, Gold & Platinum) include these insurances, recently we have also added the new Platinum package which offers additional coverage.

Reimbursement for any physical loss or damage to the Rental Vehicle for which You are responsible under the terms of the Vehicle Rental Agreement, including: (Total section limit: GBP 2,000.00)

  • Physical damage to windscreens, tyres, and undercarriage.
  • Towing costs relating to the loss or damage.

If unintentionally locked out of the Rental Vehicle.

  • Our supplier will pay up to GBP 100.00 to open the Rental Vehicle.

Pay to replace a lost or stolen Rental Vehicle key, including replacement locks and locksmith.

  • charges up to a maximum of GBP 300.00 for each and every claim.

Please note that the additional Platinum insurance is exclusive to usrentacar.co.uk and is not provided directly with the supplier but through our third part insurers, for more details please see our terms.

Our Platinum rate was added due to continuing feedback from our customers who were being offered the additional service locally but at a rate we deemed to high.

Car Size

Its important not to undersell your parties needs; a family of 4 with luggage is not going to comfortably fit in the cheap Economy 2dr model. I have come across many a holiday maker who thought it would be cheaper to purchase the smallest vehicle available and then haggle locally over an upgrade.
The problems they come across are these; firstly the supplier can see that you wont fit in the economy with your 4 pieces of luggage and child seat in tow, secondly they guy behind the desk works on commission for what he can sell, he gains less from giving you a real cheap deal. Thirdly, the rates we offer are specifically designed for the UK and European market, purchasing locally means all the individual insurances have to be priced separately and all incur tax so this can bump your price right up.

The other important factor to remember when selecting a vehicle is that our suppliers do not guarantee make or model of their vehicles, for example an Intermediate Sports Utility is described as a Ford Escape with Dollar Rent a Car however within this category of vehicle also falls the Jeep Liberty and the Jeep Compass. So when selecting your vehicle bear in mind that due to the fact we cannot guarantee make or model of the vehicle we also cannot guarantee luggage space or additional features.

In car hire terms bigger is always better.

On Airport / Off Airport

Something to consider when picking your car rental supplier is where their vehicles are located. On usrentacar.co.uk we show you each supplier and provide information stating either if the supplier is On airport or if their car lot is Off airport collection provided by a free shuttle bus service.

Now for some, on airport or off airport doesn’t really matter but for people with small children or elderly relatives the difference between a 10 min bus journey or walking across the road to a car park can make all the difference. Make sure you know where your supplier is located.

Online reputation 

There are quite a few car rental brokers out there at the moment, so apart from price how else should you be thinking about before booking.

Here at usrentacar.co.uk we offer two review types; firstly we offer independent reviews about our own company via our link up with Trust Pilot which we launched in May and secondly we offer reviews about the suppliers themselves provided by our customers after the rental has taken place; these reviews are available here Car Hire USA reviews and can be manipulated to show reviews of your supplier, pick up location and vehicle type.

This will give you a good impression of the level of service you will receive from our suppliers and of course us.

Optional Extras / Rental Agreement

I think I write about rental agreements every other post, so here it is again; upon collection of your hire you will be asked to sign a rental agreement, the rental agreement is your contract with the supplier. Please make sure you read this document and fully understand its contents before you sign it.

With regards to optional extra’s offered locally our suppliers may offer you the following

Personal accident insurance – Insures against person injury; items within this optional extra are generally covered by your travel insurance.

Pass24 or SunPass - This pass allows you to take advantage of the special automated lanes and speeds up your drive. Florida is slowly phasing out all manned toll booths but until then it is worth bearing in mind that dependant upon where you are going in Florida you may only come across one or two booths.

Advanced Roadside Assistance - We have covered this one in a  recent blog, remember your rental comes with basic roadside assistance this covers you for mechanical failure. The reservations staff locally may try to sell you advanced roadside assistance which covers instances such as losing your keys, running out of petrol and a lock out service.

Remember our reservation staff are always available to answer any query you may have either via the telephone on 0845 226 8523, via email or via our live chat facility located at the top of every page.

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Our Facebook Friends Top 10 Tips For USA Car Hire

Hi guys,

Last week I asked our brilliant facebook fans to give us their top 10 tips for car hire in the USA, we had some great replies, below are a collection of some of my favourite.

10 Top Car Hire USA Tips

  • If you are stopped by the police for any reason, remain in the car until the officer comes to you. (Mr P Boulter)
  • You should also carry both parts of your licence with you. (Mr P Boulter)
  • If you need to switch on your wipers because its raining, you need to turn your lights on too. (Mr P Boulter)
  • When you land at Orlando International Airport from the UK, you will come in at Terminal A. Everybody on your plane will be making there way to the same Car Hire desks in Terminal A and you will be faced with a long queue if you’re one of the last off the plane. Go over to Terminal B Car Hire desks, they are a lot Quieter and it is easier to get on to the Toll Road as you exit the airport from Terminal B. Just dont tell to many people… (Mr C Hindley)
  • Remember, your hire rate includes all your required insurances, so feel free to reject any extras the supplier may offer you. (Mr S Woods)
  • Get one member of the party to go directly to the car hire desks, while the other’s collect the bags. (Miss T Hall)
  • If you book a car from DOLLAR, sign up for Dollar Express membership before your holiday. It saves a huge amount of time by not queueing in the terminal with 500 other people. You can go straight to the car park & collect your car and get on the road to start your vacation. (Mr B Allan)
  • Never look back after the freedom that it gives you to explore your surrounding area. (Mr M Taylor)
  • Make sure you book the right car at the right airport otherwise your 25 year dream of drive west coast in a convertible will be ruined! Can i add that this is has no relevance to usrentacar, they always book the right car from the right airport. Unlike myself! (Mr M Sellers)
  • Book through usrentacar.co.uk to get the best deals and service. (Mr P Boulter)

Some cracking tips there from people who have actually hired from ourselves and experienced Florida Car Hire first hand. Personally Mr Boulter’s last suggestion tops the lot. ;-)

Just for clarity, all the facebookers who left comments were bribed with the reward of chocolate… you too can receive bribes by joining in on facebook.

What’s your top tip, do you agree with the comments above?



 Florida car hire

Car Hire USA Tips, Facebook And Chocolate

Hi all,

Its  a simple equation really…

Car Hire USA + Facebook = Chocolate

On the usrentacar.co.uk facebook page we are currently offering chocolate delights in exchange for car hire tips.

Join in the fun by visting our facebook page www.facebook.com/usrentacar.co.uk, liking it and entering your own car hire tip.

The top 10 tips will not only feature on our website but we’ll also send you some of America’s finest Chocolate delights (as pictured)…

You can enter as many tips as you like…

So what are you waiting for…getting tipping…



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usrentacar.co.uk Top 10 Facts & Tips For USA Car Hire

Hi all,

Car Hire USA can be a bit of a minefield for car rental virgins, actually it can be confusing for even the most experienced travellers.

In today’s post I will list my top 10 USA Car Hire facts and tips.

  1. Remember that all rental vehicles are quoted as “or similar”, we can never guarantee make or model of our cars, this includes mileage, luggage capacity and car extras (cruise control, iPod adapter etc)
  2. In most cases our suppliers will  require you to leave an imprint of a  Credit Card in the lead drivers name for security.
  3. The UK full driving licence is made up of two parts, the credit card style part and the paper part.
  4. To avoid the whole family queuing for car hire at the rental desk, if possible, send one person off to get the car rental while others collect the suitcases.
  5. Fully read your USA car hire rental agreement before you sign it, make sure you are totally happy with the contract before you enter in to it.
  6. You do not need to take any additional extras when collecting your hire.
  7. If you do purchase an optional extra locally, most suppliers offer a 24 hrs cooling off period, to remove something from your rental agreement simply contact the supplier locally.
  8. To speed up collection at your pick up office it’s worth pre-registering your details.
  9. If you are under 25, it generally works out more cost effective to take advantage of our young drivers policy.
  10. Its always worth weighing up the cost between our inclusive rate and our gold rate even if you don’t need additional drivers. Most suppliers terms now ask for customers to pre-purchase their fuel upon arrival and return empty, these prices can sometimes be more than the difference between inclusive and gold.

These are my top 10 facts and tips….

What have I missed?



 car hire USA

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