Will Suppliers Add A Christmas Surcharge? Here’s Why I Think They Will!

Hi all,

Christmas is fast approaching, have you booked your USA car hire yet? I ask this as I have a feeling prices will soon be about to shoot up….


Like everybody car rental suppliers are feeling the pinch, the second hand car market is bottoming out and the actually amount of vehicles on the road is down due to the knock on effects of the Tsunami.

Suppliers know Christmas will be busy, they also know that the U.S. domestic market will hire a huge amount of vehicles, more than they actually have.

So… checking pricing today I came across some worrying pricing if you’re a U.S. citizen.

All these rates are for Orlando International Airport from 20/12/11 for 1 week taken from the supplier’s .com sites today.

Now as you can probably see, the price for an economy vehicle is about £400.00 per week and a minivan at around £675.00 per week!!!!!

Now granted this is for U.S. resident’s…. however with suppliers thinking they are going to perhaps sell totally out, which market would you prioritise your cars for? The U.S. market who will pay £400 per week or the UK market where an economy car can be rented for just £112.00?

I feel very soon suppliers will introduce to the UK market either a black out period or stop sale, meaning no cars will be available over this period or they will look to introduce a Christmas surcharge.

If I were you, I’d be looking to book as soon as possible to avoid the inevitable increase.

Remember you can book online at www.usrentacar.co.uk and secure most rentals with a £50 deposit.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

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