Car Hire USA Reviews Via The App

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Just when you thought it was safe, I’m back with another post regarding the app. The usrentacar voucher app is now almost 2 weeks old and quickly coming  up to 500 downloads… hooray…!!

One of the app’s unique features is the ability to review your car hire live at the time of collection.

Here are a few of the reviews sent to us via the iPhone app so far…

Miss M Brook, collected from Los Angeles Airport with Dollar

Dollar LAX – service and cars are ok. The first time I hired from them the GPS didn’t work, so check before you drive! Also, the staff can be quite aggressive upsellers, especially the breakdown cover, which they will tell you isn’t covered by your US rentacar voucher, this isn’t true, as there is basic cover included. It’s up to you if you want to get the extra, but they act like there’s no other option. The service and cars are better at Budget Union Station, but the fleet is bigger and the hours are longer at Dollar LAX which is why I hire from them.

Mr J Young, collected from Tampa International Airport with Dollar

upgraded from Ford Escape after being given wrong car by Dollar at Tampa Airport, all sorted out by usrentacar :-)

Mrs J Mould, collected from Los Angeles Airport with Dollar

Great car no problems , very happy I went and booked it through usrentacar otherwise dollar tried to push us to add things when u don”t need to , when we booked everything thing is included usrentacar told us ,dollar are on commission here! So Beware!! great value paid 331 for months rental cheapest in LA ! Very fast service at dollar there is a international prepaid rentals , down load the usrentacar app on iPhone and showed them we had the car in 10 mins :)

We really like the idea of customer being able to review immediately upon collection, the option is also there to provide a picture of your rental vehicle which we hope people will begin to use.

Will you be using our app this year?

About the app

Download the ‘usrentacar voucher iPhone App‘ and make your USA car hire rental voucher mobile! If you are fed up with having to bother with the hassle of printing off pieces of paper to take with you when you collect your car then the usrentacar voucher App is for you.

Its simple; just download the iPhone App from the App Store and your rental voucher will be available via your iPhone.

But its not just an voucher App it will also give you access to some pretty snazzy information. The App will also help you find out the current average wait time to collect your car, you can also review and rates your car rental experience as well as keep up to date with all the latest news and info from the blog.

We hope our voucher App will help take a little bit of hassle away from your travel plans.



Latest Florida Car Hire Reviews

Hi all,

I thought I’d share some of the Florida Car Hire reviews that have been left this month by our customers.

After renting with we always contact our customers to ask for their comments regarding their hire and to mark the supplier on services such as speed of collect, vehicle quality and value for money to name a few.

In the interest of fairness I’ll try and offer 2 positive reviews and 1 negative for each supplier.


Mr D Horton, Orlando International Airport, 14/03/11 said:

Great service from Alamo, I love the fact you can pick your car from the line rather than having a vehicle assigned to you. Big thumbs up.

Mrs J Ellis, Sanford International Airport, 22/03/11 said:

Our flight was delayed by almost 6 hours but the Alamo staff were very friendly and had our vehicle all prepared and waiting for us upon arrival. They even gave us a free upgrade to a lovely 4×4.

Mr D Herring, Tampa International Airport, 11/04/11:

We spent the best part of an hour queing up at the Alamo desk to rent the car this which is unacceptable.


Mr J Godwin, Tampa International Airport, 25/03/11:

Excellent service from Budget as well as USCarRental. Received upgrade as requested from Tampa the past have used same service at other airports ie Orlando and Miami where upgrades were not ”available”!

Mr B Terry, Orlando International Airport, 07/03/11:


Mrs J Alexander, Melbourne Airport, 29/03/11:

I have used this supplier at the same location 4 times now and each time they do not seem to know what I have signed up for. This is the second time that I have been charged for$64 for a second driver and had to go back to get it re-imbursed onto my credit card. It seems that the US locations can”t quite believe the deal we get in England.So…my advice this deal but make sure that you check what you are being charged for BEFORE you leave at the end of your hire.


Mr K McCarthy, Orlando International Airport, 24/03/11:

Excellent top of the range car, new blind spot sensors are a fantastic addition and only 250 miles on clock

Mr A Moore, Orlando International Airport, 18/03/11:

We booked a Ford Mustang at a very reasoable. We collected from Dollar staff who were very helpful, and returned to a Dollar desk at our hotel with no problems at all. later in the holiday we rented a yellow and black Corvette from a different supplier, and were not at all impressed with the service. No guessing who we booked with when we wanted to arrange a hire car for the last few days and to take us to the airport. Will happily use next time we visit America. Thanks!

Mr N Roberts, International Drive Palms Resort, 28/03/11:


Does your experience of Florida Car Hire match up with any of the reviews above?



 Florida car hire

San Diego Car Hire Review Who Is Best At SAN?

Hi all,

Alamo are cleaning up in the California Car Hire review league at the moment they’ve already taken Los Angeles and San Francisco, can they make it three in a row with San Diego?

The review scores are based on unbiased score’s from our customers who rate our suppliers based on a series of questions including speed of check in, car quality and overall value for money. All our customer reviews can be viewed within our search results.

  1. Budget Rent A Car – 88%
  2. Alamo Rent A Car – 87%
  3. Dollar Rent A Car – 87%

So Budget Rent A Car prevent the Alamo Hat-trick. Congratulations to Budget for winning there first location.

Does this result tally with your own experience of our suppliers?

What can car rental companies do to improve for 2011?



 car hire USA

Miami Car Hire Reviews Who Is Best At MIA?

Hi all,

Dollar Rent A Car took first place at Orlando International Airport and we had a three way tie at Sanford Airport!

So today I thought I’d take a look at who is best for Miami Car Hire. As always the scores are based on the reviews given by you, our customers.

The scoring is collected after the hire is completed and covers everything from ease of pick up to vehicle quality.

So here are the results

  1. Dollar Rent A Car – 85%
  2. Budget Rent A Car - 83%
  3. Alamo Rent A Car – 82%

So another victory for Dollar Rent A Car…

Does this result tally with your own experience of our suppliers?

What can car rental companies do to improve for 2011?



 Car hire Miami

Sanford Car Hire Reviews Who Is Best At SFB?

Hi all,

Recently I posted about the best suppliers at Orlando International Airport, with Dollar Rent A Car coming up tops.

So I thought I’d take a look at Orlando International Airport’s neighbour, Sanford International Airport.

Remember these rankings are based on our customers experiences,  who rate their rental when they return home.

Drum roll please…

Alamo Rent A Car – 87%

Budget Rent A Car – 87%

Dollar Rent A Car – 87%

Thats right! A complete 3 way tie…

Does this result tally with your own experience of our suppliers?

What can car rental companies do to improve for 2011?



 car hire in Orlando® Makes Car Hire Reviews More Relevant

Hi all,

Here at®we  are happy to announce, that today we have rolled out a series of improvements to our exclusive customer reviews.® are still the only USA car rental company to include over 20k independent customer written reviews within our search results and today’s improvements have made the reviews even more relevant.

When we first launch the review service in 2006 all the reviews were grouped together just by supplier, so if you were looking at an Budget Rent A Car review it may not have been specific to the location your were collecting from. In 2008 we made the alteration to show reviews via location, so if you were looking at a review for Budget at Orlando International Airport then all the reviews we for Budget Orlando International.

Today however, we have taken the reviews to the next level and now they are also grouped by vehicle category, so if you are looking at an Budget review, for Orlando International Airport based on the Compact 4dr, then all reviews will be strictly defined to this criteria.

You will also notice we have embedded the total amount of reviews available for the vehicle type, in this case 368 reviews.

The reviews are displayed in date order with the most recent collection displayed first, we have also added the option for our customers to confirm the make or model they collected, to give future customers a first hand look at what vehicle they are likely to collect. The facebook “like” button has also been incorporated, so if you like what you read please share it with others.

What do you think of our reviews?

Are there further improvements you’d like to see?



 car hire USA

3000 Car Hire Reviews To Hit Rental Milestone

Hi all,

3000 Car Hire Reviews

Back in 2006® launched the first customer based car hire review system as part of its web 2.0 upgrade, to date we are still the only car hire company to offer real feedback from real customers.

Travolution – Article by Travel Industry Media regarding U.S. Rent A Car being the first car rental company to offer customer reviews. Click here to read the article

Now in 2010 we are only 3000 car hire reviews away from hitting 30000 thousand unique car rental reviews.

Our customer review’s can be located on the results page of our website, and each review is tailored to that particular supplier.

Car Hire 3000

Clicking on the link highlighted above opens a new window which displays the reviews for that particular supplier at the location you’re are searching for.

3000 car hire reviews

All the reviews we receive are very important to us, we use a lot of these reviews when in discussions with suppliers, and the majority find them a real insight in to how their brands are perceived. So all feedback is welcome.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

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