Cape Canaveral Port To Get Consolidated Car Rental Area

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Our Cape Canaveral locations are extremely popular but they can be a little cape canaveral portconfusing for customers trying to work out which location is best for the port. Previously we put together this post, to help customers make the best decision but it looks like Florida may be about to make this all a little easier.

According to a report by Florida Today a $2 million consolidated car rental area has been agreed by port authorities. The report also states that staff have now been given permission to begin to contact Car Hire USA suppliers about the possibility of leasing space.

Mike Meekins, Port Canaveral’s senior director of cruise and port operations, confirmed that the port authorities had been contacted numerous times by car rental companies about opening a consolidated area. Mike confirmed that the port will have enough room for three car hire companies which would house a  total of 571 vehicles.

The proposed location is slated to be near Disney Cruise Line’s terminal 8, the new rental facility will include office space, a fueling station and a car wash,

Tom Weinberg, chairman of the Canaveral Port Authority, told Florida Today.

It makes Port Canaveral that much more desirable a location to sail, It will be a win-win for the port and the rental companies on-site and a significant advantage for our passengers.

The appeal of  a consolidated area is there for everyone to see and has been something we’ve expected for quite a while now, it will be interesting to see which suppliers are tempted to move fleet to this popular location.

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