Are You A Florida Villa Owner?

Hi all,

Are you a Florida Villa Owner?

If you’re answering yes, then have you added your property to bargain villas?

At present is offering free advertising on its site to all usrentacar customers, with no commitment to future advertising.

How to sign up

To take advantage of this offer simply

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the advert stating “Advertise for free
  3. At the bottom of this page click on “Click here to sign up
  4. Fill in the form.

About bargainvillas

For Holiday Makers;

Bargain Villas are able to dynamically intergrate your property catelog into our search results - click here for more details

Bargain Villas is focused on providing the best quality properties for the best possible prices. Our portal provides customers with a unique mix of Privatley Owned and Company owned holiday rental properties. Because we work with both companies and private owners we give you access to both markets allowing you to compare prices all in one place. \our chice to work with both Companies and Private owners means that Bargain Villas are able to offer a much wider choice of holiday property all here on one easy to use website!

Start your Bargain Villas search today – we have over 45,000 holiday properties across the world!

For Private Villa Owners

For Holiday Property Companies

You dont have to be a massive holiday property company to advertise here! Bargain Villas also work with private owners with individual properties too. click here for more details



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 car hire USA Extends Free Villa Advertising Offer

Hi all, owned Villa and holiday home specialist, has extended its special offer for a years freebargain villas advertising.

Any accommodation owner can sign up for free by visiting this link or clicking on Free Villa Advertising.

Benefits Include

Your property details
Fill your advert with lots of information on your property, its location, local attractions and any special offers you might have.

Upload images
Upload up to 9 images of your property free.

Upload movies
Upload movies of your property free

Your own online booking/invoicing system
Your bookings are managed by you using our booking and invoice system. Make reservations and process payment, let customers leave a deposit and the system will remind you when the balance is due.

Functional availability calendar
Not just any old availability calendar. Perhaps the most advanced calendar of its type. Our system will show booked dates, available dates, special offers added by you and even allow you to earmark special dates throughout the year with notes and messages for your perspective customers to see.

Create your own printable brochure
A valuable tool which helps you promote your property. Our system allows you to make an online brochure of your property which you can email or print off and send to customers.

Your own guestbook
Find out what your customers really think of your holiday home. All customers are asked to leave feedback or comments about your property and give it a rating for future customers to see.

A knowledge base of FAQ’s
Keep getting asked the same questions about your property? We can help! Our system will allow you to create you own knowledge base of frequently Asked Questions for your online property advert.

Your own newsletter
Keep your customers up to date with all the latest developments and special offers at your property. Collect your own database of customers to help you build your business.

Your property advert & booking statistics
What’s been going on? Our system will provide you with accurate data about your property advert. We’ll tell you how many visitors you have had, how many bookings and quotes have been made. You can even generate reports for your own records.

There’s no catch, it is totally free for a year. No  contract, you can remove your property when ever you like.



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Bargain Villas Adds Hoseasons To Its Inventory

Bargain Villas are pleased to announce the integration of Hoseasons properties into the Bargain Villas search results. Hoseasons currently control over 12,000 places to stay in coastal, city and countryside settings throughout Britain, Ireland and Europe.

The integration will prove a significant boost in product offered and ensure that Bargain Villas is able to service a wider variety of customer requests.

Karl Hendrie, Managing Director Bargain Villas said “The association with Hoseasons is another step in a move to incorporate major property brands into the Bargain Villas network. By working with established and trusted brands our customers are assured of quality and confidence when buying”

On further expansion of Bargain Villas Hendrie stated “We are currently in the process of rolling out several keyword heavy TLD’s (Top Level Domains) to not only increase our organic search results but also to expand our web presence and brand visibility. Our aim is to offer our visitors an impressive portfolio of quality property options available throughout the world”

For more information on this article please contact

Bargain Villas Makeover

Hi all,

We are now three years in to our  Villa project andbargainvillas today we have launched a new revamped look and feel to the site.  The new look gives the site a fresh and modern appearance and the new layout, I believe makes searching for a holiday home a lot easier and clearer.

At present advertising for private villa owners is free of charge and this represents an annual saving of over £100.00 based on other UK holiday sites.  This offer is valid until the 01/08/2010.

Since taking over as managing director in 2009, Karl Hendrie has over seen the impressive increase in sign ups, bargain villas now boasts over 45,000 properties and has gained a reputation for innovation within the market place.

To sign your property up for free please visit or click here

Spring Break Panama City Beach Florida


Panama City Beach has a population of about 40,000, Panama City Beach is a small city on northwest Florida’s panhandle. It is a popular tourist destination right on St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The city’s official web site boasts that Panama City Beach is attractive for raising a family, which is true about eleven months a year. The web site also boasts that the city is an exciting tourist destination year-round, which is true, too. But the city is most well-known for one thing: Spring Break. 

College students from all over Canada and the U. S. Make their way to Panama City Beach each spring to party with other like-minded people. Hotels and motels line up to lure these partygoers to stay at their place but for those that want the ultimate experience renting a vaction property of villa rental is the only way to go!

During the day, there is plenty to do in Panama City beach with it and sandy beaches for swimming, soaking up rays. While the public beaches are the most popular, they get pretty crowded during Spring Break. However, don’t worry, there is always nearby St. Andrews State Park which has many more great beaches. There is a small fee to enter the park, but it might be worthwhile to avoid the crowds.

Nearby the main strip is a popular water park called Shipwreck Island. A ticket to get in is about $30 or so. For those that like to party the night away there are many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs available. The best-known nightclub is Club La Vela, purported to be the largest nightclub in America. The club is several stories high with many sections of multiple themed rooms where parties never slow down. Other well-known party spots include Spinnaker and Hammerhead Fred’s. Then there’s the Boardwalk Beach Resort, situated right on the beach. It hosts Spring Break concerts and themed contests all day every day and it might be the place for you to see and be seen.

There is also plenty of shopping, if that’s your thing. There are malls aplenty, as well as more souvenir shops than you can count. A popular local attraction is Alvin’s Magic Mountain Mall. It resembles a cave and everything from beachwear to cheap souvenirs can be found there. As it’s Florida, an alligator display is quite the attraction, as well.

Spring Break 2010 in Panama City Beach starts for some as early as mid February. The majority of students will enjoy their break throughout March with the two busiest weeks starting March 6th.

Locals get their small city back around April 10 of next year, when MTV Spring Break officially ends.

Search for your next holiday villa in Panama City at Search for car hire USA

Party on people!

U.S. Rent A Car Introduces the new Beta version of

Hi all,

Behind the scenes our tech guys have been busy re-designing our FREE holiday home owner advertising site

Its still in beta stage but please take a look and let me know of any idea’s or feedback you have.

Remember it costs nothing to register your holiday home…ever.



U.S. Rent A

James’s first interview about

I don’t normally allow “free” advertising for businesses on Joe… however I’ve made an exception in the case of James Thomas of, firstly, he’s a mate, we worked together at a few travel companies, and secondly his service is free.

Q: Hi James, tell me about ?

A: Hi Joe, bargain villas is simply a holiday home advertising site that allows home owners to advertise their property for free. We started in Jan 08 with a beta version, lucky we did as well, as the site was some what image heavy, which made it slow to load. We also had some issue’s with our colour choice.

Q: Issue’s with colour?

A: Yeah, we went for magenta! With the idea of standing out in the villa crowd. On the first round of feedback from owners the criticism thrown time and time again was the colour. Perhaps we were looking to stand out a little to much.

Q: Why did you start bargainvillas?

A: We have always had the domain name waiting in the wings but the original idea came from one of our directors, he has a property in Tenerife and was not impressed at the amount of money he was paying to advertise for very little return, so why pay when you can do it yourself, and if you can’t do it yourself sign up for free at bargainvillas and we’ll do the rest.

Q: Why not simply undercut your competitors, why offer it for free?

A: Well to be honest Joe, we don’t really need the money that the advertising charges would bring in, we operate several other travel brands which provide enough revenue to run this company without having to ask owners to pay more. We also quite like the idea that perhaps owners can offer discounts to help them get valuable rental time booked. As previously mentioned we wanted to build a community and of course, we always like to upset the big boys, giving away the advertising for free perhaps will make villa owners wonder why they are bothering paying to advertise at all.

Q: How have owners reacted to

A: Well to be honest a lot of them don’t believe we could possibly be offering this service for free. I think owners are thinking its to good to be true. Once we have convinced them though they are of course very happy with the result.

Q: So what is bargainvillas aim?

A: To be the first port of call for anyone wishing to rent a holiday home, simple as that.

Q: Thanks James. Good luck.

You can sign up for free at bargain villas by clicking here -Free Villa Advertising

For those of you who maybe don’t know, last year we launched, a dedicated holiday home website. The idea behind it is to offer home owners the opportunity to advertise their properties for FREE.

Bargain version 1

Bargain version 1

Like all great projects we have hit a few snags, the homepage is very image heavy which make’s the load speed very slow, we also received feedback from our audience that they didn’t like the colour (bright pink) and trying to convince people that we actually are giving the advertising away for free is harder than it sounds.

So in Decemember we took the brave (and costly) decision to redesign the website. The idea being very simple, alter the colour to a more generally accepted colour and to speed the website up.

We hope we?will manage to fulfil all these criteria and hope that villa owners and customers alike will see the benefits of the altered website.

We predict that the new site will be up and running by the beginning of April until then you are still welcome to sign up? to add your Villa, apartment or hotel by visiting or clicking here

I would still love to here your feedback regarding our new project. Do you have any ideas on how to improve the site?



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