Thrifty Car Rental Introduce New Packages For 2014

Hi all,

Hertz Dollar Thrifty are on a bit of a roll at the moment, not only have they 2014 heartprovided us with some cracking 2014 rates and the free GPS offer but today they’ve confirmed that our Thrifty product will be give an all important boost for 2014.

For the majority of 2013 Thrifty have only offered our customers the basic Silver rate, which although is a great product for customers with only 1 driver it really prevented them from gaining any business from renters who required more than 1. The cost locally to add an additional driver is approx. $10 per day plus tax far more expensive than the difference between their silver rate and a competitors gold rate.

However for 2014 Thrifty Car Rental will be offering a gold and platinum rate, meaning additional drivers can be pre-purchased in the UK. This automatically makes them more competitive and if that wasn’t enough they too have agreed to honour 2013 rates for 2014 (this can change without notice).

Thrifty Gold Rate now includes


  • Unlimited Mileage.
  • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) which is a combination insurance of both Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Waiver. As long as you adhere to the rental policy of the supplier you will not be held responsible for the cost of replacement or repair to your hire vehicle.
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection (UMP) up to $1m Liability Cover. Offers an Uninsured/Underinsured/Hit-and-Run Motorist Protection (UMP) that provides the renter and family members travelling together in the rented vehicle with up to $1,000,000 of non-stacked coverage for bodily injury sustained while driving the rental car, and caused by another driver who has no insurance, minimal insurance, or is a hit-and-run driver.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) up to $1m Liability Cover. All drivers included on the rental agreement will not be held liable for third party claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from an accident.
  • Basic Roadside Assistance
  • All Taxes and Airport Fees.
  • First tank of fuel
  • Additional Drivers

The Platinum rate includes the same as the Gold plus;

Reimbursement for any physical loss or damage to the Rental Vehicle for which You are responsible under the terms of the Vehicle Rental Agreement, including: (Total section limit: GBP 2,000.00)

  • Physical damage to windscreens, tyres, and undercarriage.
  • Towing costs relating to the loss or damage.

If unintentionally locked out of the Rental Vehicle.

  • Our supplier will pay up to GBP 100.00 to open the Rental Vehicle.

Pay to replace a lost or stolen Rental Vehicle key, including replacement locks and locksmith.

  • charges up to a maximum of GBP 300.00 for each and every claim.

Please note that the additional Platinum insurance is exclusive to and is not provided directly with the supplier but through our third part insurers, for more details please see our terms.

Great to see Hertz Dollar Thrifty being so proactive. Its a refreshing change and most certainly points to the new ownership looking to push Enterprise for the spot of number 1 in North America.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Dollar Rent A Car Offer Early Bird Prices And No Florida Summer Surcharge

Hi all,

USA car hire suppliers notoriously play their cards very close to their chests at this time of year. Most of the negotiations for 2014 pricing takes place at World Travel Market which starts on the 4th November.early bird

However this year and its pretty unprecedented, Dollar Rent A Car have decided to come out all guns blazing. If this is the Hertz effect then here at U.S. Rent A Car we couldn’t be happier!

So what’s different, well usually our suppliers raise their rates, this year for now, Dollar have frozen ours, which means you’re getting 2013 prices in 2014. This works out at a saving based year on year of approximately 5%.

Secondly and this is a biggy, at the moment you can book your Florida Car Hire for collection in July and August 2014 without having to pay the usual peak season surcharge this represents a saving of $60 per week!

As with all offers, these are subject to change without notice so I would urge you to take advantage of these great rates. Remember you can secure your rental with a £50 deposit, the balance would then be due 8 weeks prior to departure.

So don’t delay, book today.



 car hire USA

USA Car Hire For Christmas Set To Hit Record Prices

Hi all,

Usually around this time of year I take a moment to check the U.S. domestic rates to see how they will impact on car hire USA over the christmas period but we’ve been so busy here that I haven’t had the time, then we got an email through from suppliers warning that this year could see Florida Car Hire especially, hit an all time high so I thought I better do a bit of snooping.

I visited 4 supplier sites and searched for a 7 Seater Minivan picking up on the 20/12/13 and returning 1 week later. These were the domestic prices (not prepaid prices);

Alamo Rent A Car

alamo shop

As you can see one weeks rental will cost $495.00 plus tax taking it above $600 per week!

Budget Rent A Car

budget shop

With Budget we couldn’t even get a quote, they were fully sold out for the dates we required!

Dollar Rent A Car

dollar shop

Dollar Rent A Car at least have vehicles available however for the Christmas period you’ll be asked to pay $1400.49 per week!!!


hertz shop

Just under a $1000.00 per week with Hertz… it does have unlimited mileage though ;-)

So as you can see Christmas pricing in October is already going through the roof and literally just at the time of writing this we’ve had confirmation that Dollar Rent A Car will be imposing a peak season surcharge of up to 108% for pick up’s between the 19/12/13 and the 31/12/13 in Florida.

So if you’re looking to get Christmas car hire USA, i’d advise getting a move on before all our suppliers following suit and raise their prices.



 car hire USA

SPECIAL OFFER: Free Sat Nav Rental With Dollar Rent A Car*


Hi all,

It seems like a long time since I was able to write the words car hire USA “Special Offer”, throughout the year we continually negotiate deals with our suppliers for low rates which when applicable we simply slide them into our search results, we generally don’t make a big fuss about it, we think this is something you guys should expect from us.

However today I’m happy to announce a new Special Offer from our friends at Dollar Rent A Car, here’s the gist of it.

  • Free Sat Nav Rental.
  • Only applicable to New Dollar Rent A Car bookings.(amendments will not qualify)
  • Pick up’s on and between 20/09/13 until the 18/12/13
  • All locations except New York
  • Must be booked on our Gold or Platinum rate.
  • Cannot be added after a rental is made.
  • Sat Nav’s are subject to availability, if the £0.00 option GPS unit does not appear in our optional extras section then unfortunately a unit isn’t available for your dates.

Here’s how to book it

Firstly enter your details into our search engine.

usrac homepage

Remember to qualify your pick up must be on or between the 20/09/13 and the 18/12/13.

Once your results have been returned look for the car category you require. Remember you’re looking for Dollar Rent A Car. Once you’ve decided upon the category to qualify for free Sat Nav rental you need to select either our Gold or Platinum rate.

usrac results

Once you’ve click on either the Gold or the Platinum rate click on the now button to head to the next stage.

The next page is our option extras page, where our customers can select any additional products they may require. You’ll notice the very top one is a Sat Nav unit, you’ll see that the price quoted is £0.00.

free GPS

Simply click add to basket, to claim your free sat nav rental and complete the booking process. Remember this must be done at the time of booking and cannot be added after completion.

Confirmation of your free sat nav will be added to your car rental voucher. When you go to collect your car, Dollar Rent A Car will provide you with a Sat Nav unit for you to use during your hire duration at no extra cost.

We love this special offer and hope you guys will too.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Chicago O’Hare Airport To Open New Car Rental Facility In 2016

Hi all,

Anyone who’s collected a vehicle from Chicago O’Hare Airport in the last two chicago car rentalyears will have noted the local tax being levied for Airport improvements. One of these improvements earmarked for a 2016 finish is a consolidated car rental facility.

According to the City of Chicago, the facility will provide nearly 4,100 rental car company parking spaces, a customer lobby and approximately 2,000 public parking spaces. Each of the rental car companies will have customer service counters, self-service kiosks and back office areas within the facility.

In addition, the new rental facility will lead to the creation of nearly 3,000 design and construction jobs during construction and 100 concession and rental car positions upon completion.

As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel put it;

This intermodal facility is one of the largest capital improvements constructed at O’Hare, and will further Chicago’s ongoing efforts to make O’Hare the most convenient international travel hub in the world

The Airport was able to secure a loan of an additional $288 Million by proving that the project will also reduce traffic congestion and increase transit ease for travelers through an extension of the Airport Transit System (ATS) at O’Hare. The total cost of the project is set to hit $800 million.

As one of our more popular locations we’re delighted to see the improvements being made and hope that the additional spaces will allow for additional competition in a market traditional dominated by the big 3.

We’ll keep you updated on Chicago’s progress.



 car hire USA

U.S. Rent A Car Hits 570 Independent Reviews

Morning all,

Been awhile since I’ve had anything to post about, but today I thought I’d update you on our partnership with TrustPilot, we started using the independent review gatherer in May 2012 as a way of discovering how our service was viewed by our customers.

We’ve been collecting reviews about our suppliers service for almost a decade and the knowledge we’ve gained from this has been invaluable not only for us but also for our suppliers. So by hiring TrustPilot we hoped to gain the same kind of insight and to a point we have.

TrustPilot email our customers after purchase and ask them to rate the booking experience, these scores are then used to provide an overall average out of 10. At present has a score of 9.1 out 10.

usrentacar trustpilot reviews

We are pretty proud of this score and hope to continue to improve, its probably unrealistic to say we could reach 10 out of 10 but 9.5 is possible and this is our next big target.

We are always keen to here from customers to help improve our service level so please feel free to either review us on TrustPilot or leave a comment below.



 car hire USA

How Dollar Rent A Car Locations May Look In The Future

Hi all,

Since Hertz purchased Dollar Thrifty last year I’ve been keeping a close-ish eye on what Hertz have been up to and how it may affect Dollar Rent A Car.

As USA Car hire companies go, Hertz is one of the more forward thinking companies and so we were interested to see the redesign of their new rental offices at San Diego Airport.

From the outside Hertz have given their new building a fresh, modern look which is much more welcoming than the previous incarnation.

hertz san diego office

On top of this, they’ve refreshed their shuttle bus design to give the same fresh, clean design and added a friendly forward facing giraffe possibly from San Diego’s popular zoo.

hertz san diego bus

However its inside the Hertz office that houses the really interesting parts, gone are the old style queuing system to be replaced by a row of  self service kiosks similar to the type used by Alamo Rent A Car in Orlando. The idea behind the kiosks is to speed up the customers collection time and overall user experience.

hertz san diego kiosk

The part I love the most is Hertz’s new “Road Trip” offering, which include iPads and apps to help customers do a bit of trip planning even before they’re in their motor. Hertz will also supply charging stations for customers benefit and sell additional items such as sun cream, suit cases and treats, pretty much everything you’d require for a road trip.

hertz san diego

Here at U.S. Rent A Car we think its great to see Hertz offering something a bit more than the tired old traditional collection offices. We hope that this type of office is rolled out in all Hertz owned locations including Dollar and Thrifty.

What do you think?



 car hire USA

Dollar And Thrifty Rent A Car Finally Amend Fuel Policy

Hi all,

For over a year we’ve been asking, shouting and then finally praying that DollarDollar fuel and Thrifty Rent A Car amend their fuel policy. At times it felt like we were banging our heads against a brick wall but today I’m happy to confirm that we’ve finally had a breakthrough.

U.S. Rent A Car customers booking our silver rate with Dollar Rent A Car will be offered the option to return the car the same way as they collected it and avoid a fuel charge.

Here’s the full statement we received moments ago;


As you know, two of our rate packages (Silver and Silver GPS) do not include fuel and the renter must pre-purchase a tank of fuel a time of rental.

This policy has advantages for the renter:

  • · Saves time when returning the vehicle
  • · No need to re-fill the vehicle before return
  • · The fuel is charged at the average local rate

However, we acknowledge that some renters may prefer to collect the vehicle with a full tank and return with a full tank and receive no fuel charges.

With this ‘full to full’ option, if is necessary for us to fill the fuel tank further, we will charge the renter at a premium fuel rate (a higher rate than the rate charged for pre-paid fuel option).

We have decided to offer this “full to full” fuel option for U.S. Rent A Car customers upon return of the vehicle.

The renter will continue to pre-purchase a tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental and then, at the time of return, if they choose to return the vehicle full, they can request that the pre-paid fuel charge be removed from their rental agreement.

The vehicle must be refueled within 10 miles of the return station and the renter must present the receipt from the petrol station (gas station).

If the vehicle is not completely full, the renter will be charged at a premium rate for us to fill the vehicle completely.

So in summary, your renter’s now have 3 fuel options:

1. Gold/Platinum or Gold/Platinum GPS rate – the tank of fuel is included in the rate so car is rented full and returned as empty as possible. No local fuel charge to the renter.

2. Silver or Silver GPS rate – renter must pre-purchase a tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental and should return as empty as possible. Tank of fuel charged locally to the renter.

3. Silver or Silver GPS rate – renter must pre-purchase a tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental. Before returning the vehicle, fill the tank within 10 miles of the rental station and at the time of return, request that the pre-paid fuel charge is removed from the rental agreement. Provide the fuel station receipt and the pre-paid fuel charge will be removed by the rental agent.

So basically, upon collection of your vehicle you will be asked to leave an imprint of your credit debit/card, the usual fuel charge will be made however upon return of the vehicle when you hand the keys over to the Dollar/Thrifty Rent A Car staff member if you produce your fuel receipt the initial fuel charge will be removed. The Dollar/Thrifty Rent A Car staff members all carry handheld computers which are linked to your rental agreement so the process is very quick and accurate.

We are delighted that Dollar/Thrifty Rent A Car have made this amendment for our customers. It  proves the reviews we ask you to leave for each supplier after you rental is complete are being read and taken on board.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

U.S. Rent A Car Shortlisted For A Prestigious Travolution Award

Afternoon all,

We’ve just received some good news, we’ve been nominated for a 6th time in 7  years for a Travolution award in the category of best car hire website :-)

We were first nominated in this category back in 2007, we returned in 2009, 2010 (2 categories) and 2011 never quite getting over the finish line. Although I’m pretty sure we hold the record for most nominations.

Travolution_finalist 2013

About the Travolution Awards

The Travolution awards are unique within the Travel Industry, they recognise companies, brands and individuals who excel in the fields of online travel distribution, digital marketing and technology. Judged by a panel of proven business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, they are the UK travel industry’s highest accolade for innovation and excellence online. Companies and brands compete in a select number of categories, whilst entrepreneurs and rising stars are honoured in the individual awards.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony taking place at the Troxy in London on October 17th 2013.

This year our founders, Karl Hendrie and Gavin Boswell are in a unique position. Not only has U.S. Rent A Car been nominated but also their latest startup, Orlando Attraction Tickets, who have been nominated in the  best Attractions Website category…

Dare we dream a double win???? We hope so.

Congratulations to allthe  companies that have made the shortlist, just getting to this stage is an honour.



 car hire USA

Can You Guarantee Me The Make And Model Of The Vehicle I’ll Get?

Hi all,

Following on from Driving Licences and Credit Cards today’s post will feature Adrain Devine Mustangone of the most popular questions we get asked by customer and one that frustrates us as much as it does the customer.

Here at we understand that driving a Ford Mustang or a Camaro or a Dodge Charger (list can go on) is part of many petrol heads dreams. We would love to be able to tell every customer “No problem, we can definitely get you the  xxxx vehicle you’ve always wanted” but unfortunately the reality is slightly different.

Although we have a rough idea of what each supplier has in their fleets its impossible for us to pinpoint one particular vehicle type, our suppliers purchase vehicles from multiple manufacturers and spread these vehicles across their U.S. locations.

Even if we know a location has a large stock of a certain vehicle type we still can’t guarantee it, here’s a few reasons why…

Customer Freedom

Every customer has the right to extend their rental, for example Mr Smith collect his vehicle, its the Mustang you wanted, he’s due to return it 7 days later, the exact day you arrive. However Mr Smith decides to keep the vehicle for another few days he telephones the supplier directly and negotiates an extension. He doesn’t even have to return to the location he just keeps it for a few more days. According to our suppliers this happens a lot especially domestic customers.

Why?Suppliers won’t guarantee you the make or model in case a customer decides to keep hold of a vehicle.

Breakdowns and Accidents

Its part and parcel of the car hire game I’m afraid, vehicles do breakdown and they are involved in accidents. Our suppliers have a duty of care for all their vehicles, they also want to be able to sell these vehicle on in a booming second hand car market.

Why?Suppliers won’t guarantee you a make or model in case the vehicle you required is involved in an accident or breaks down.

One Way Rentals

With the price of airline fares  soaring many customers are looking at one way car rental journeys as a way of saving a little money. A one way rental (OWR) is when you collect from one location, say Orlando but drop off at an alternative location, say San Francisco. The popularity in OWR’s does mean that its very hard to guess where one specific make or model will be, and when it will be returned to its original location.

Why? –  Suppliers won’t guarantee you a make or model as its very hard to pinpoint where and when a particular vehicle will be at a certain location.

Blame Culture

Although its a bit of a stereotype, the U.S. is regarded as having a blame culture. If something goes wrong it ends up in court. Car hire suppliers are mindful of this. Imagine this scenario, Mr Smith hires a vehicle for a very specific need, an example, he has a wheelchair that he knows will fit in a Tahoe but not other makes. He arrives to collect the vehicle only to find out that his guaranteed Tahoe isn’t there… we then have a problem.

Why? - Suppliers will not guarantee you a make or model for fear of not fulfilling the contract.

A good way of judging the likely vehicle you’ll receive is by using our car hire review section, simply enter in your pick up location, supplier and car category and our engine will display real verified reviews from our customers including the make and model of vehicle they picked up. Its not a guarantee but it give you a very good idea of what the supplier holds in their fleet.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, our Ford Mustang Option is an example of this; however availability for this is very low and I would predict next year this option won’t be available, which is a real shame.

We are constantly in talks with suppliers for ways around guaranting certain makes and models but the hang up is always the cost to implement it. Hopefully we’ll be able to come to some arrangement in the future.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

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