How The® Car Finder Works

Hi all,

On the 21st October we launched version 1.2 of the usrentacar voucher app, along with some push notification amendments we launched our Car Finder feature.

What is Car Finder?

Car Finder is a designed feature to help our cust0mers locate their vehicles after a long day at the parks or when shopping in an unfamiliar location.

How it works?

Car Finder works by integrating the iPhone’s inbuilt gps system and google maps.

Step 1

Once you have logged in to our app using your email address and your password, press the Car Finder icon positioned far right on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Once your iPhone has picked up your GPS position click on the “Save Location” button in the top right hand corner.
You will note an icon of a car appears in your position.

You can also view your car’s position in Satellite mode.

Step 3

When you are ready to locate your car, click on “find car” positioned in the top left hand corner, this button will alter to “refresh” once used.
You will note that your current position is symbolised by walking human icon.

You can also view this in Satellite mode.

Step 4

As you follow the route the human icon will also move, you can speed this up by clicking on the “refresh” button which replaces the “find car” button.

To add a new position for your car simply click on “Clear Location” and begin the process again.

I hope you like this new feature, what are your first impression’s?

Is there something else you’d like us to add?



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Version 1.2 Of The usrentacar Voucher App Now Available

Hi all,

Have you downloaded the usrentacar voucher app?

If your answer is yes, then well done you’re obviously very clever and probably very attractive….oh and check your updates…

If the answer is no, then get yourself to the app store as we’ve just added new features.

This morning apple approved the latest version of the usrentacar voucher app version 1.2. The voucher app’s primary role allows our customers to produce their phone instead of the usual paper voucher.

Other functions include our exclusive wait time feature and our live review option allowing customers to provide a photo and comments regarding their USA car hire.

New features

The major new feature of the usrentacar voucher app is the introduction of our Car Finder feature.

Car Finder takes advantage of the iPhones built in gps feature, and is designed to help you find your vehicle after a long day at the theme parks or a hard day shopping at the Mall.

We’ve also integrated a few Push reminders to make our customers aware of when their vouchers are ready and prompt them to add their wait time and personal review.

I’ll post further information about this features next week but in the mean time, what are you waiting for, getting downloading now…

Search “usrentacar” in the app store or click here.



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Current Car Hire Wait Times At Orlando International Airport

Hi all,

Back in July I posted about the current car hire wait times at Orlando International Airport,  today I thought it might be an ideal time to revisit this post and see if any of the supplier have managed to decrease their queue times.

Wait Time is a feature of the usrentacar voucher app, which can be downloaded for free from either the apple store or the Android Market, the app allows usrentacar customers to view the wait time for their specific supplier for that day or display the overall average time for that location. All the times displayed are specific to the customers pick up location and supplier.

Customer’s are encouraged to leave their own wait time which helps us build up the appropriate data.

In July when I posted about the average wait times at Orlando International Airport, Alamo Rent A Car and Budget Rent A Car were top of the tree with an average wait time of 23 mins, 3 months on lets take a look at the results.

Average Supplier Wait Time at MCO

Dollar Rent A Car – Average Wait Time – 12 Minutes

Alamo Rent  A Car – Average Wait Time – 16 Minutes

Budget Rent A Car - Average Wait Time – 17 Minutes

So each of our suppliers Wait Time’s have improved since July, however hats off to Dollar Rent A Car who have decreased their average wait time at Orlando International Airport from 30 minutes to just 12 minutes! Great work guys.

What are you experiences of collecting from Orlando International Airport?



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Latest Reviews And Photo’s From The App

Hi all,

Today I’ve been taking a look at some of the information you guys have been providing using the voucher app including car hire USA reviews and pictures, so I thought I’d share some…

The usrentacar voucher app allows customers to send an instant review of their car hire experience, including a photo and the amount of time it took them to collect their vehicle, we call it WaitTime.

Mr C Moruzzi, collected from Los Angeles Airport with Alamo Rent A Car, his WaitTime was 90 mins

We rented a dodge charger for rental at LAX airport, great car to drive! Lots of room for baggage and fun car to drive all round! No problems with the car what so ever, only down side was we waited 90 minutes in the queue to get pick it up, but this was because they had system problems so I’m sure it’s usually alot quicker!

Mr R Wood, collected from Sanford International Airport with Dollar Rent A Car, his WaitTime was 40 mins.

Ford Fusion,decent size family car with Just enough boot space for 3 cases.

Mr C Jackson, collected from Orlando International Airport with Alamo Rent A Car, his WaitTime was 10 mins.

Ford mustang convertible. We were tried to be sold an upgrade to this vehicle but refused to pay extra. When we went to collection garage we were given this anyway !!

Mr D Overton, collected from Chicago O’Hare Airport with Dollar Rent A Car, his WaitTime was 5 mins.

Jeep liberty.

Just a few of the great reviews and pictures we’ve been getting from our fantastic customer’s.

Remember you can download the usrentacar voucher app from both apple’s app store and google’s Android Market Place.



 car hire USA Voucher App Six Months On

Hi all,

The Voucher App is fast approaching its 6 month birthday, so I thought now would be a good time to look at its short life.

We officially released the voucher app on the iPhone, on April 4th 2011. Those of you who follow us on facebook actually got a sneak preview a few days prior.

The app itself, basically, makes your car hire USA voucher mobile, instead of having to show our suppliers a piece of paper or in some cases several bits of paper, our customers are able to show these details via their phone.  However the app also has a few other unique features which over the past 6 months have proven to be very popular.

The WaitTime feature is an example of this, customers are asked to add the amount of time it took them to collect their vehicle and displays the average time other customers have had to queue.

Another great feature, is the ability to add a live review of your car rental experience, was the first car hire company to offer customers the oppotunity to leave a review of their hire, however this has always taken place after the hire is complete. The voucher app allows customers to review immediately upon collection and send a picture or video.

Nice and clean F350 12 seated. Only 4000 miles on the clock. Bit different from the “premium car” we had last week. Managed to get it to 20mpg on a run to Ocala, but locally it’s horrific, but who cares! Dollar tried to sell us the sunpass thing but it’s not worth it. We know where are going and knew we would encounter few tolls

The app also gives you access to our popular car rental blog.

In June 2011 the voucher app hit a 1000 downloads from iTunes, during this time we’d had a few customers asking when it would be available on the Android platform.

So on the 6th June 2011 the voucher app was released to the Android market place featuring all the same features as the iPhone version, the app quickly reached almost 500 downloads.

On the 22nd June 2011, the usrentacar voucher app was nominated for a prestigious Travolution award under Best Mobile Application along side such travel giants as British Airways, Ebookers and Kayak.

On the 26th July 2011 the usrentacar voucher app received its second award nomination, this time from the British Travel Awards for Best Travel and Tourism iPhone/Smart Phone App.

The Future

Well obviously we’ve got two awards to cross our fingers for but more importantly we will be releasing a new version of the app in October, with a few new and innovative features.

So if you have an iPhone or an Android phone why not download our free app today.

iPhone – Click here to download the usrentacar iPhone app

Android – Click here to download the usrentacar Android app

Kind regards,


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Current Wait Times At Sanford International Airport

Hi all,

One of our more popular posts last week was the Current Wait Times At Orlando International Airport, the wait times feature is unique and is powered through our iPhone and Android apps.

Once your voucher is ready to view you can access our wait time feature, which is specific to your pick up location and supplier (Alamo, Budget, Dollar or Thrifty). The wait time feature shows an averaged time the collection process takes to complete. It also prompts you to add your own wait time.

Today I thought I’d share with you the average collection times from Sanford International Airport.  Sanford is one of our more popular car hire locations, at present we offer collections with Alamo Rent A Car, Budget Rent A Car and Dollar Rent A Car, we only ever offer suppliers of the highest quality.

Supplier Wait Times

Alamo Rent A Car –  30 Mins

Budget Rent A Car – 32 Mins

Dollar Rent  A Car – 57 Mins

As you can see Sanford is an extremely busy Airport, a couple of great tips for making your car hire collection go smoothly are

  1. If possible, send one person off to start queuing for your car hire while the others get the bags.
  2. Pre-register your information by visit this page –

I hope you found this post interesting, if there is a location you’d like me to check the wait time on please request it below.



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Some Great Car Hire Photo’s Sent Using The usrentacar App

Hi all,

One great feature of the voucher app is the ability to send us  a picture of the vehicle you have collected.

We love looking through these and I thought today I would share a few.

If you have a picture of your rental vehicle why not share it on our facebook page You can also check out our recent photos of SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Universal Islands of Adventure plus a sneaky trip to Wimbledon. :-)



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Current Wait Times At Orlando International Airport

Hi all,

One of the main features of our iPhone and Android app is the exclusive wait time feature.

This feature allows our customers to view the average time previous customers have had to wait to collect their vehicle and in turn; allow them to add their own wait time.

So 3 full months after its release I thought I would post the wait times for Alamo, Budget and Dollar from Orlando International Airport, one of the busiest airports in America.

Supplier Wait Times

Alamo Rent A Car – Average Wait Time 23 mins

Budget Rent  A Car – Average Wait Time 23 mins

Dollar Rent A Car – Average Wait Time 30 mins

As peak season is upon us you can see that the average wait time is quite high.  We suggest taking advantage of the pre-registration options found on

What are your experiences of queuing for your car hire?



 car hire USA iPhone App Hits 1000 Downloads

Hi all,

I missed this, but at the beginning of the month the usrentacar iPhone voucher app hit 1000 downloads. We are obviously delighted with the uptake and feel this is quite an achievement in an industry that isn’t really the sexiest.

The wait time feature has been a massive success and we are gradually building quite a long list of aggregated queue times at some of the America’s most popular pick up locations.

If you haven’t download the app yet, simply visit the iPhone app store and search “usrentacar”. The main feature of the app makes your car hire voucher mobile eliminating the need to print a physical voucher from our website.

Other benefits include our wait time function, which allows you to view the current wait time at your location and also to add your own wait time. Also our instant review and photo sharing feature allows our users to review their car rental immediately upon collection.

Oh! and of course the MAJOR feature is being able to keep up with all my posts on our car hire usa blog!!! You’ll never miss another exciting word…

Below is the top 10 Countries to have downloaded our app

Top 10 Countries

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. Italy
  4. France
  5. Ireland
  6. Kuwait
  7. Australia
  8. Switzerland
  9. Norway
  10. Spain

Hopefully our Android app will quickly hit the 1000 mark as well.



Top 10 Countries To Have Downloaded The usrentacar Android Voucher App

Hi all,

Well we’ve reached the end of our first working week with the new Android version of the voucher app and the uptake has been very good.

As I did when we launched the iPhone app I thought I’d run through the top 10 Countries to take advantage of our free Android app.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. Australia
  4. Germany
  5. South Korea
  6. France
  7. Russia
  8. Ireland
  9. Spain
  10. Italy

Interesting (well at least to me) to see South Korea positioned so highly in the top 10, they obviously have very good taste :-)

About the usrentacar voucher app

If you are fed up with having to bother with the hassle of printing off pieces of paper to take with you when you collect your car then the usrentacar voucher App is for you.

Its simple; just download the Android App from the Android Market and your rental voucher will be available via your Android device.

But its not just an voucher App it will also give you access to some pretty snazzy information. The App will also help you find out the current average wait time to collect your car, you can also review and rates your car rental experience as well as keep up to date with all the latest news and info from the blog.

To download the usrentacar voucher app and turn your voucher mobile, please visit the android market by clicking here



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