Introducing The usrentacar One Way Rental Finder

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On Monday I introduced the usrentacar Location Finder tool created to help customers find the nearest supplier location to their accommodation. Today I thought I’d show you the other element we added to help customers discover one way rental fee’s easily.

One way rental fee’s can apply to USA car hire collecting from one location but dropping off at another, although some one way rentals are free of charge such as rentals starting and ending in Florida, other rentals can incur a fee of up to $750.00.

How to use the usrentacar One Way Rental Finder

Step 1 – Visit the location finder page at and click on the one way rentals tab

Step 2 – Enter your pick up and drop off locations.

Step 3 – Press view on map and our one way rental finder will display the local charge for your proposed one way rental with each supplier.

Step 4 – Book, now you know the local charge for the one way rental its time to book your car.

Please note: One-way rental charges are based on a city-to-city basis and are always on request. The one-way rental charge shown on this site are only an example our suppliers retain the right to change this at anytime without notice. All one-way rental charges are paid locally. One way fees are subject to local taxes.

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Introducing The Location Finder

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had been helping test out a few new upcoming  features the first was obviously our integration with Sixt Rent A Car which we launched officially last week.

Today I am able to share with you the beta release of the usrentacar Location Finder, the location finder is a mash up of our own database and google maps. Here’s how it works.

usrentacar Location Finder

The idea behind the Location Finder tool is to allow customers to locate supplier offices close to their accommodation, for example; some customers have transfers within their holiday package but realise that Florida without a car limits them slightly, so they decide to collect a vehicle the day after arrival however finding the closest office can be very time consuming and there is often a chance you’ll miss a location.

Here’s where the usrentacar Location Finder comes in to play, at the top of the page is a field marked “Location” simply enter the address of your accommodation here and hit “view on map”, the Finder will then show your accommodation on the map and show our nearest supplier offices. At present the Location Finder supports Alamo Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Sixt Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental.

Step 1 – Enter Address 

Step 2 – View supplier offices

Step 3 – Check out the Street View if you like

Step 4 – Click on the office you like and we’ll auto-fill the booking engine for you then enter your details and find your car.

Please feel free to try the Location Finder out, let us know what you think and how we could improve it.



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Understanding Your USA Car Rental Agreement

Hi all,

Apologies for the lack of posts recently I’ve been helping test out some new features we are going to add to, the first will hopefully be ready to launch next week and looks very promising.

Today’s post is about understanding your USA car rental agreement before you collect your vehicle.

Upon arrival in the U.S. you will be required to sign a rental agreement, this agreement is the contract between yourself (driver) and the car rental supplier (Alamo, Budget, Dollar etc). This is a legally binding contract and should be treated as such. We recommend you fully read and understand this document before signing it. Here are some items to look out for;

1. Rental Agreement No.

Designated by the Rental Agreement number, the rental agreement must be completed at the rental pick up location and should be carried with you in case you are required to prove you are legally in posession of the vehicle.

2. Car Serial Number

Designates the vehicle rented on the rental contract.

3. Rental Date, Time, Office

Shows the date, time, and rental station to return the vehicle, in which the vehicle was rented.

4. Return Date, Time, City

Shows the requested date, time, and rental station to return the vehicle without incurring any additional charges.

5. Allowable Drivers

Lists the drivers who are authorised to drive the vehicle. Extra drivers may be added at the time of rental and in some cases aftecolection. Additional charges may apply for additional drivers or underage drivers.

6. Additional Options/Other Information

Lists the additional options that may have been selected, such as, an upgrade of car, personal protection options, fuel options, etc.

7. Charges

Lists the itemisation of charges associated with the rental. As our rentals are pre-paid all the insurances we include (What’s Included) will be listed as $0.00, any additional charges will be noted here and should be queried if you do not recognise them.

The lead name on the confirmed reservation (the primary renter) must be the person whose credit card is used to pay any charges.

8. Rental Signatures

Confirms the terms of the rental agreement by all persons listed on the rental agreement.

example Alamo rental agreement:

 The rental agreement is very important and you should not feel rushed or pressured to be quick if you are at the head of a long queue; remember the queue is there problem not yours.



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Which Makes and Model’s Fall In To What Category?

Hi all,

Or similar, or similar, or similar… in case you didn’t know all the vehicle descriptions we offer are followed by the words “or similar”, we can never guarantee make or model of the vehicle you will receive upon collection.

There are a few reasons for this, which you can read about here but today’s post is more about the vehicles you’re likely to receive. was the first USA car hire company to ask for customer reviews, we’ve been doing this since 2004 and have the largest collection of Florida car hire reviews in the UK. Part of the review process invites customers to tell us the make and model of the vehicle they have collected.

So below is a list of vehicles for each category that our customers have collected from various places in the USA, the information below is available by visiting the usrentacar car hire usa reviews page.

Economy – Chevy Aveo, Toyota Yards,  Chevrolet Cobalt

Compact – Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Kia Forte

Intermediate - Dodge Avenger, Ford Taurus, VW Passat

Standard -  Mitsibushi Galant

Full Size - Chevrolet malibu, Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala

Premium - Ford Edge, Ford Crown Victoria, Chrysler 300

Luxury -  Lincoln MKZ.  Cadillac DTS

Convertible – Ford Mustang, Chrysler 200

Intermediate SUV – Ford Escape, Nissan Murano, Jeep Liberty

Standard SUV – Kia Sorrento,  Dodge Journey

7 Seater Minivan - Dodge Grand Caravan

Please note the information below does not take in to consideration upgrades and is not representative of every supplier or location.

I hope this helps some of you with your holiday planning.



 Florida car hire

Alamo Rent A Car Release 2013 USA Car Hire Prices

Hi all,

Hot on the tracks of Budget Rent A Car and Dollar Rent A Car; are happy to announce that Alamo Rent A Car have now also released car hire USA rates for 2013.

I can’t remember another year when all 3 main suppliers had rates out before September, so hats off to the guys negotiating prices for cracking the whip.

What’s the advantage of booking early?

Here at from day one we’ve offered our very popular £50 deposit scheme. Essentially you pick the vehicle you want to book, at the price you want to pay. You secure it with a £50 deposit and regardless of  what happens to the $USD or the £GBP your price is secured.

What’s included

What’s Included

The 2013 rates include pretty much the same as 2012.

Silver Rates (inclusive)

  • Unlimited Mileage.
  • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) which is a combination insurance of both Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Waiver. As long as you adhere to the rental policy of the supplier you will not be held responsible for the cost of replacement or repair to your hire vehicle.
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection (UMP) up to $1m Liability Cover. Offers an Uninsured/Underinsured/Hit-and-Run Motorist Protection (UMP) that provides the renter and family members travelling together in the rented vehicle with up to $1,000,000 of non-stacked coverage for bodily injury sustained while driving the rental car, and caused by another driver who has no insurance, minimal insurance, or is a hit-and-run driver.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) up to $1m Liability Cover. All drivers included on the rental agreement will not be held liable for third party claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from an accident.
  • Basic Roadside Assistance
  • All Taxes and Airport Fees.

Budget Rent A Car ‘only’ include 1 additional spouse driver free of charge within their fully inclusive rate.

All our suppliers include 1 additional driver free of charge when collecting in California.

If our Gold Rate is purchased in addition to the Silver rate inclusions your first tank of petrol will be included (excluding All Alamo Manhattan Locations and San Francisco downtown locations) and extend the insurance to accommodate additional drivers.

  • Alamo Rent A Car Gold covers up to 9 additional drivers over 25. (Alamo Gold only available for rentals of 4 days or more)
  • Budget Rent A Car Gold covers all additional drivers over 25.
  • Dollar Rent A Car Gold covers all additional drivers over 25.
  • National Car Rental Gold Gold covers up to 3 additional drivers over 25. (National Gold only available for rentals of 4 days or more)
  • Thrifty Rent A Car  Gold covers all additional drivers over 25 (Thrifty Gold only includes fuel when rental is for 4 days or more)

If our Platinum Rate is purchased (where available) in addition to the Silver and Gold rate features you will also be covered for the following.

Reimbursement for any physical loss or damage to the Rental Vehicle for which You are responsible under the terms of the Vehicle Rental Agreement, including: (Total section limit: GBP 2,000.00)

  • Physical damage to windscreens, tyres, and undercarriage.
  • Towing costs relating to the loss or damage.

If unintentionally locked out of the Rental Vehicle.

  • Our supplier will pay up to GBP 100.00 to open the Rental Vehicle.

Pay to replace a lost or stolen Rental Vehicle key, including replacement locks and locksmith.

  • charges up to a maximum of GBP 300.00 for each and every claim.

Please note that the additional Platinum insurance is exclusive to and is not provided directly with the supplier but through our third part insurers, for more details please see our terms.

So now we’ve got the 2013 rates, its time to start planning that road trip you’ve always dream of.



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USA Car Hire Without A Credit Card

Hi all,

Being the holder of a major credit use to be the only way you could hire a car in the USA. Suppliers required a credit card imprint as part of their insurance validation process.

So upon arrival at the suppliers pick up location the lead driver would be required to show

  1. Their car rental voucher (mobile or printed)
  2. Their full driving licence
  3. A credit card.

What happens if I don’t have a credit card?

Not everybody has a credit card, so what are the alternatives?

Well some suppliers will accept a cash deposit; usually around $200-$300 per week the cash is not kept at the car rental office therefore once the vehicle is returned your deposit is returned via a cheque after 28 days. The supplier holds on to your deposit for 28 days encase of traffic violations. Obviously this isn’t ideal and the amount of offices that accept a cash deposit are very small, please check with our reservations department for exact information.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, there is an alternative. Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental will now accept a VISA debit card from all locations in the name of the lead driver  for the security deposit. Alamo Rent A Car are also accepting VISA debit’s but only from certain locations; please check with our reservations department for confirmation. The card must be a VISA debit our suppliers will not accept other debit card versions.

At present all our other suppliers will require a credit card but we are hopeful this will change soon.



 car hire USA

The Top 5 Most Rented Vehicle’s On This Summer

Hi all,

Summer is here and we are almost a month in to our busiest period of the year. I can confirm it has not let us down and we have been rushed off our feet providing not only great  USA car hire deals but fantastic deals on  Orlando attraction tickets as well.

I thought I’d take a moment to pause, take a quick breath and have a look at the top 5 most rented vehicles on this summer.

As regular readers will know we generally cannot guarantee make or model of our vehicles, just the category, so for example if you book an Intermediate sports utility vehicle, which is described as a Ford Escape we are not guaranteeing you a Ford Escape but we are guaranteeing you an Intermediate sports utility. Anyway within the top 5 chart I will also point out the recent makes and models being collected, this information is gathered from reviews supplied by our customers which can be viewed here – car hire USA reviews

  1. Intermediate SUV – Chevrolet Captiva, Jeep Liberty, Ford Escape
  2. Convertible – Ford Mustang, Chrysler 200, Chevy Camaro
  3. 7 Seater Minivan – Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona
  4. Full Size 4dr – Chevy Impala, Nissan Altima, Ford Taurus
  5. Economy 2dr – Toyota Yards, Nissan Versa, Ford Accura

Its great to see some suppliers now offering the Chevy Camaro in the convertible range, for me its a more exciting vehicle than the Ford Mustang.

Is there a particular vehicle you’d love to drive?



 Florida car hire

How Do USA Car Hire One Way Rentals Work?

Hi all,

Definition: A one way rental (OWR); is any USA car hire collected at one location but dropped off at a different location.

For example; collected from Orlando International Airport in Florida but returned to Miami International Airport.

Today’s post will cover one way rentals, how they work and how they effect your car rental price. We’ll also take a look at the suppliers for popular one way rentals and see who offers any one way rental deals.

Firstly enter your details in to our booking engine, remember to place the alternative drop location in the appropriate field.

The next page returned will show you the cost of the vehicles available with each supplier; please note that the one way rental price is not included within these rate. All one way rental charges are paid for locally directly to the supplier.

Once you’ve found the vehicle you are interested in, tick the appropriate insurance box and click on the “book now” button.

The next page shown is our one way rental alert page; this page will display to you the cost of the one way rental. Remember that one way rental charges differ per supplier, so sometimes it pays to check each suppliers charge.

The alert will ask you to confirm that you agree to the charge and then the normal booking process continues.

Remember; the one way rental charge is paid locally directly to the supplier.

One way rental deals*

When you’re looking at long distance one way rentals; National Car Rental offer a set one way rental fee of $250.00 this deal can save you up to 50% on road trips and is unique to this supplier.

Dollar Rent A Car and Alamo Rent A Car through offer free one way rentals between California and Nevada (please note Alamo’s peak season one way rental charge for Convertibles out of San Francisco); so popular journeys such as Los Angeles to Las Vegas wont incur additional charges.

All our suppliers offer free one way rentals within the state of Florida, so you can fly in to Tampa with BA but fly out of Orlando without incurring additional fee’s.

*all one way rental deals are correct at the time of print, please check our terms and conditions for the latest one way rental costs.

Well I hope this helps make one way rentals a little easier to understand. If you have any questions please comment below.



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Why Do Car Hire USA Supplier’s Require A Credit Card For Collection?

Hi all,

Its a question we get asked quite a bit, so I thought I’d try to address it today.

Why do suppliers require a credit card for collection?

To collect a vehicle from our suppliers you will require 3 things

1) Your voucher (either via our app or printed from our website)

2) Your full driving licence (both parts)

3) A credit card in the name of the lead driver.

The credit card is required to validate the CDW/LDW part of your insurance. Suppliers purchase and provide insurance on the car rental by checking for the following key items

1) Bankruptcy

2) Criminal record

3) Financial stability

4) Address stability

5) Rental location

6) Rental length

The credit card is used to help check fianicial creditability, as you can imagine the supplier is handing over $20k cars and need to be satisfied they will be fully covered in case of an accident.

So I hope this helps explain why the supplier requires a credit card imprint. Remember you can still pay for your Car Hire USA on a debit card without charge.



 Florida car hire Issue’s Car Hire Availability Warning

Hi all,

We’ve officially hit PEAK SEASON for us folks in the travel industry that means only one thing… LATE BOOKINGS!

This year more than ever, the idea of booking early has really paid off, we are beginning to see low availability across all our suppliers for pick ups in July and August.

For Florida car hire bookings we are seeing a real shortage of high capacity vehicles including 12 and 15 seater minivans, Intermediate SUV’s and 7 and 8 Seater SUV’s.

For California car hire, we have already had to place the guaranteed Ford Mustang option on stop sale, as all suppliers have low availability especially out of the San Francisco area.

For Nevada car hire including Las Vegas we have no Budget vehicles at all and Convertibles and high occupancy vehicles are on red alert.

If you haven’t booked already it might be an idea to start getting something confirmed.

Just a quick reminder that shows live availability for Alamo Rent A Car (15str’s on request), Dollar Rent A Car, National Car Rental (15str’s on request) and Thrifty Car Rental, what you see online is directly linked to the suppliers fleet.



 Florida car hire

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