Can You Guarantee Me The Make And Model Of The Vehicle I’ll Get?

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Following on from Driving Licences and Credit Cards today’s post will feature Adrain Devine Mustangone of the most popular questions we get asked by customer and one that frustrates us as much as it does the customer.

Here at we understand that driving a Ford Mustang or a Camaro or a Dodge Charger (list can go on) is part of many petrol heads dreams. We would love to be able to tell every customer “No problem, we can definitely get you the  xxxx vehicle you’ve always wanted” but unfortunately the reality is slightly different.

Although we have a rough idea of what each supplier has in their fleets its impossible for us to pinpoint one particular vehicle type, our suppliers purchase vehicles from multiple manufacturers and spread these vehicles across their U.S. locations.

Even if we know a location has a large stock of a certain vehicle type we still can’t guarantee it, here’s a few reasons why…

Customer Freedom

Every customer has the right to extend their rental, for example Mr Smith collect his vehicle, its the Mustang you wanted, he’s due to return it 7 days later, the exact day you arrive. However Mr Smith decides to keep the vehicle for another few days he telephones the supplier directly and negotiates an extension. He doesn’t even have to return to the location he just keeps it for a few more days. According to our suppliers this happens a lot especially domestic customers.

Why?Suppliers won’t guarantee you the make or model in case a customer decides to keep hold of a vehicle.

Breakdowns and Accidents

Its part and parcel of the car hire game I’m afraid, vehicles do breakdown and they are involved in accidents. Our suppliers have a duty of care for all their vehicles, they also want to be able to sell these vehicle on in a booming second hand car market.

Why?Suppliers won’t guarantee you a make or model in case the vehicle you required is involved in an accident or breaks down.

One Way Rentals

With the price of airline fares  soaring many customers are looking at one way car rental journeys as a way of saving a little money. A one way rental (OWR) is when you collect from one location, say Orlando but drop off at an alternative location, say San Francisco. The popularity in OWR’s does mean that its very hard to guess where one specific make or model will be, and when it will be returned to its original location.

Why? –  Suppliers won’t guarantee you a make or model as its very hard to pinpoint where and when a particular vehicle will be at a certain location.

Blame Culture

Although its a bit of a stereotype, the U.S. is regarded as having a blame culture. If something goes wrong it ends up in court. Car hire suppliers are mindful of this. Imagine this scenario, Mr Smith hires a vehicle for a very specific need, an example, he has a wheelchair that he knows will fit in a Tahoe but not other makes. He arrives to collect the vehicle only to find out that his guaranteed Tahoe isn’t there… we then have a problem.

Why? - Suppliers will not guarantee you a make or model for fear of not fulfilling the contract.

A good way of judging the likely vehicle you’ll receive is by using our car hire review section, simply enter in your pick up location, supplier and car category and our engine will display real verified reviews from our customers including the make and model of vehicle they picked up. Its not a guarantee but it give you a very good idea of what the supplier holds in their fleet.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, our Ford Mustang Option is an example of this; however availability for this is very low and I would predict next year this option won’t be available, which is a real shame.

We are constantly in talks with suppliers for ways around guaranting certain makes and models but the hang up is always the cost to implement it. Hopefully we’ll be able to come to some arrangement in the future.

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