Thursday Could See The IDP Law Reversed

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Florida lawmakers caused quite a stir recently when they amended Florida miami signStatute 322.04, concerning non residence  driving in Florida. The amended law was meant to make it easier for the Florida Highway Patrol to read driving licences written in a foreign languages (not English) what it actually did was send Canadian and British driving licence holders scrambling for the post office to purchase an International Driving Licence.

Credit where credit is due though, Florida lawmakers  reacted pretty quickly when they were made aware of the uproar it was causing oversea’s and issued a statement confirming that they had advised the Florida Highway Patrol not to enforce the law until the law was looked at again.

Reports in Florida suggest that the repeal hearing for this bill will be heard tomorrow (Thursday) and they are very confident that the law will be amended swiftly.

House Transportation and Highway Safety Chairman Daniel Davis, R-Jacksonville, told the House.

From time to time, we will pass legislation and find out there were some unintended consequences.

Mr Davis wanted to make it clear that;

Our state is open for business and we want to make sure we let them know we will roll out the red carpet.”

“Them” means Canadians, who provide Florida with the majority of its tourism. Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, said his chamber will take up the bill next week

Without a lot of delay. We certainly plan to take care of that issue. “I think that falls under the general category of unintended consequences. And we certainly don’t want to discourage our Canadian visitors. I come from Northwest Florida and we have a lot of Canadians who come down to our beaches and we want them to keep coming.

So it looks like the whole International Driving Permit saga is close to ending and I for one cannot wait!!! :-)



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