Top 10 Vehicles Being Collected By Our Customers From Dollar Rent A Car

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Yesterday I wrote about the Top 10 vehicles being collected by our customer from Sixt Rent A Car, today I thought I’d take a quick look at another one of our suppliers, Dollar Rent A Car and see what vehicle range they are currently offering.

Dollar Rent A Car are now officially part of Hertz, what this exactly means to the Dollar and Thrifty brands is yet to be seen, the real impact will become apparent in the next few months as the synergies between the two companies are completed. This could mean an alteration in vehicles being supplied but until then the list below is accurate.

Top 10 vehicles being collected with Dollar Rent A Car

  1. Ford Escape (Intermediate SUV)
  2. Dodge Caravan (7 str Minivan)
  3. Kia Rio (Economy)
  4. Ford Mustang (Convertible)
  5. Nissan Altima (Full Size)
  6. Ford Focus (Compact)
  7. Dodge Avenger (Intermediate)
  8. Jeep Liberty (Intermediate SUV)
  9. Ford Crown Victoria (Premium)
  10. Chevrolet Malibu (Standard)

Some great vehicles available to hire from Dollar Rent A Car, which would you pick?



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