2012 Most Rented Vehicles In The USA

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Seems like I blinked and now we’re almost in December!! Where has the time gone! 

Last year I posted about the top 10 vehicles collected in 2011 by U.S. Rent A Car customers I thought it would be an ideal time to look over 2012′s top 10 and perhaps compare the results.

2011′s Top 10 

  1. Intermediate Sports Utility – Ford Escape or similar
  2. 7 Seater Minivan – Dodge Caravanor similar
  3. Convertible 2dr – Ford Mustang or similar
  4. Economy 2dr – Chevrolet Aveo or similar
  5. Full Size 4dr – Dodge Charger or similar
  6. Intermediate 4dr – Hyundai Sonata or similar
  7. Standard Sports Utility – Jeep Grand Cherokee or similar
  8. Full Size 7 seater Sports Utility – Ford Explorer or similar
  9. 12 Seater Minivan – Ford E-350 or similar
  10. Full Size 2dr – Dodge Charger or similar

2012′s Top 10 

  1. Intermediate Sports Utility – Ford Escape or similar
  2. 7 Seater Minivan – Dodge Caravan or similar
  3. Full Size 4dr – Ford Taurus or similar
  4. Convertible 2dr – Ford Mustang or similar
  5. Intermediate 4dr – Hyundai Sonata or similar
  6. Economy 4dr – Chevrolet Aveo or similar
  7. Compact 4dr – Ford Focus or similar
  8. Standard Sports Utility – Chevrolet Equinox or similar
  9. Standard 4dr – Ford Fusion or similar
  10. Premium 4dr – Ford Crown Victoria or similar

So as you can see the Intermediate SUV and the 7 seater minivan are still the most popular vehicles to hire in the USA. However looking at the actual numbers, the gap between the 3rd and 4th vehicle and the top 2 is actually decreasing.

I wonder what 2013 will bring. What vehicle will you be hiring?



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