Does Anyone Actually Read The Blog?

Hi all,

Today I was looking through a suppliers marketing  introduction, it’s basically a .PDF form designed to sell this supplier to us. One of the pages, listed its popular blog, citing some statistics that made me think about our own little blog. Which then lead me to check our own statistics…

Unfortunately our statistics only start from March 2009 but interestingly only 7011 visited the blog in 2009.

Amount of Posts - 655 including this one.

Amount of visitors – Total amount of visitors since 2009 is 210,663

Amount of Page Views – 734,512

All though these statistics are not that impressive if compared to our main website the social team are pretty happy with these figures, this may shock some of you but USA car hire isn’t the sexiest thing in the world but we try our best to at least make it interesting.

Looking at where our traffic comes from its interesting to see how the rise of social sharing sites has boosted the blog’s traffic.

Top 10 Referral Sites

  1. Google
  3. facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Trip Advisor
  6. Stumble Upon
  7. WordPress
  8. Pinterest
  9. Google + 
  10. Linkedin 
So to answer my original question, yes someone does read this blog… .and actually its quite a few of you :-)
So thanks very much… and keep up the good work.

 car hire USA

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