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Obviously here we love USA car hire and as a company that sends 100k plus people through our suppliers doors each year we know a thing or two about how car rental works.

We also know what our customers like and what they don’t like; and the number one gripe is hard sell. Now don’t get me wrong, our customers understand that suppliers can offer them something locally; for example “the managers special” upgrade, a toll pass or a GPS unit; what they don’t like and these are isolated incidents are when a suppliers agent gives the impression that the customer has made a terrible error by not taking, for example, personal accident insurance (usually covered by your travel insurance).

Here are a few articles regarding the guys and girls who work on the car rental desks.

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Here at from day one all our reservations agents have been incentified to offer great customer service, none of our reservations agents get any commission for selling any of our products.

Perhaps the major suppliers in the USA should take a leaf out of our book to stop or modify the U.S. sales culture, I understand fully that car rental companies must make a profit and just like airlines will offer add on’s but perhaps adding an additional commission/reward for great customer service would really benefit them in the long run. Although this customer services reward culture would not show immediately on the profit/loss sheet in the long term building a strong and loyal customer base especially in Europe would actually work out more effective and perhaps would actually increase sales of local add on’s as customers would feel more inclined to trust the agent.

These are just my own views and the majority of agents do a brilliant job but I personally know I’m happier working in an organisation that rewards customer services than I was when I was cold calling!

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