Take The Stress Out Of USA Car Hire With Our Essential Guide

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A recent survey conducted by YouGov suggested that car hire was one of the most stressful parts of people’s holiday.

Today I thought I’d go through the surveys results and point out how usrentacar.co.uk are tackling each issue.

The survey revealed;

Over one in 10 people (11%) queued for more than an hour to pick up their rental car

Here at usrentacar.co.uk we have introduced a couple of initiatives to counter this statistic. The first is the introduction of our exclusive Wait Time feature, powered by the usrentacar voucher app; upon arrival users of the app are prompted to add the length of time they have had to queue, this data is then averaged and displayed within our search results so customers are aware of possible delays.

The other feature we promote are our suppliers  pre registration options, by pre-registering your details here in the UK you will not be required to do this locally and in some circumstances you can use a dedicated desk.

Over one in ten (12%) found damage on the rental car that was not originally disclosed

This statistic is more about European car hire than Florida car hire the difference being is that car rental in Europe for the most part have insurance excesses associated with the rental, so damage on the vehicle is payable by the customer, however in the U.S. the insurances we offer come with zero excess (excluding parts of New York and Alaska) so the issue of damage to the vehicle is not really applicable.

Over a sixth of consumers (17%) did not get the rental car they ordered

Here at usrentacar.co.uk all our vehicles are hired as “or similar” although we can never guarantee make or model of the vehicle we can guarantee the category; so for example if you hire a (sports utility vehicle) Grand Jeep Cherokee or similar, you are not hiring that specific model but a sports utility vehicle.

To help our customers get an indication of which vehicle they are most likely to get we offer USA car hire reviews gathered from our customers which state the make and model the customer received from that category of vehicle.

One in seven (14%) car hire respondents said they did not read the small print of the rental agreement with the same number again (14%) saying they couldn’t be bothered to read all the bits of paper.

Reading your rental agreement upon arrival is one of the most important things we try to stress here at usrentacar. Your rental agreement is a legally binding contract between yourself and the car rental supplier, here are a list of posts relating to rentals agreements.

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Car rental can be stressful however if you follow these brief rules you’ll be fine.

  1. Book a car suitable for your requirements; if you have a lot of suitcases make sure you book something capable of accommodating them all, a 7 seater wont take 7 pieces of luggage for example.
  2. Make sure you read What’s Included in the rentalthoroughly.
  3. Pre-register your details.
  4. Read your rental agreement thoroughly and only sign it when you are totally happy.
  5. Enjoy your holiday.

If you would like to add to this list please feel free to comment below.



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