Play The Driving Game And Win

Hi all,

Have you played our driving game yet? NO!!! Then what are you waiting for… Get over to our facebook page and start playing the driving game and win some goodies.

What is the usrentacar driving game?

In essence, its an old school arcade style driving game, the object is to score the highest score by jumping, dodging and sometimes flying past other cars.

How do I play?

Simply like the facebook page, and click on the play icon to take part.

You control your vehicle by using the arrow keys on your computer and make the car jump by pressing space bar. Secret items can be used by pressing Z.

What can we win?

Not only will you win the envy of every other driver out there… will also supply the top 3 with chocolate…. Mmmmm chocolate….

At the top of our leader board at present is Sara with a mighty impressive 117848…

Can you beat her?

Actually can you bear me, at the moment I’m 4th….

See you on the course.



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