5 Things You Might Want To Pay For Before Collecting Your Rental Car

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Although we offer a pre-paid USA car rental services there are certain items that can be purchased locally instead of in the UK. Today’s post is about 5 items that will probably work out cheaper to do before collection of the vehicle.


So you book the Economy vehicle but secretly you want a convertible, what you’ve decided you’re going to do is haggle with the person on the desk when you pick up the vehicle and get yourself a bargain…simple.

The only problem is, you’re not the only person to have this idea and even worse… the supplier know’s this! Don’t get me wrong you can sometimes pick up a bargain upgrade, however these bargains generally come around when you’re not after a specific category of vehicle; for example you could book the economy vehicle and be offered the “managers special”  for a 4×4 (mainly due to the fact that they have an abundant amount of sports utilities  that week) always remember though that the upgrade price offered is per day and not for the total duration.

The real problem comes when you want a specific category as the guys on the desk work on commission;  and you’re now at their mercy.

Generally I would say that if you want a specific category of vehicle then pre-book it here in the UK to avoid nasty surprises.

Additional Insurance (Tyres, Windscreen, Undercarriage)

Within our Silver and Gold offerings the insurances do not cover the tyres, windscreen, undercarriage or the keys.

Our suppliers offer an additional insurance locally to cover this, it is often called road safe or something similar and they will offer this to you at an additional charge roughly $6.95 + tax.

Our Platinum rate which you can prepay, covers these additions and can be purchased for as little as £15 per week a saving compared to purchasing locally of over £15 per week…

Additional Drivers

Pretty easy one this, if you need an additional driver on your rental its best to prepay it in the UK. Locally you will be charged $10-$15 per day plus tax on a 2 week holiday you’re looking at approximately$210.

Where as the difference between our Silver and Gold rates is a lot less than the £135 you’d  pay locally.

Sat Nav’s

You can rent a Sat Nav directly from the supplier for around $11.99 per day plus tax you have to take it for the full duration of your hire.

You can rent a Sat Nav from ourselves directly for £30 per week or prepay via our website to collect directly from the supplier prices vary but are generally more cost effective than purchasing locally.

Young Drivers

Now there’s really no comparison here, locally you will need to pay $25-$30 per day per driver plus tax if you are aged 21-24 to get yourself on the insurance. Over a 2 week holiday with 2 drivers that would cost an extra $840.00 !!!

However you’re in luck as usrentacarco.uk offers a young drivers package  that halves the cost of the fee. It is definitely better to prepay this fee.

If you can think of any further items that a better prepaid please feel free to comment below.



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