Version 1.3 Of Voucher App Hits App Store

Hi all,

Just a very quick post to mention that version 1.3 of the voucher app has today hit the app store.

There isn’t anything new to really announce, this latest addition is purely a bug fix. Here is a list of additions.

  • App Speed – we’ve sped up the whole app experience and will continue to look at ways of making it even faster.
  • Push Notification Fix – A push notification will now be sent directly to your phone as soon as your voucher is ready.
  • Push Notification Modification – As per our previous post Grr stop waking me up we’ve amended the scheduling to be more user friendly.
  • Car Finder – Improved car finder accuracy.
  • Reviews – Fixed bug that stopped reviews being sent.
  • Review Photo’s – we’ve altered the size of the image being sent to allow them to be automatically uploaded to the main site.

We have some deals going on behind the scene’s here that should see a modified version of the usrentacar voucher app being released hopefully in the next 6 months. I will keep you all posted on developments in the mean time for those of you who have not yet downloaded the app here’s a brief description.

About the usrentacar voucher app

The iPhone application is a free tool to help assist users with car rental bookings. The application’s primary function is to provide users with a mobile version of a car rental voucher which is used to collect their pre-reserved car rental.

The application is also an information resource for existing and new users. The application will also provide users with average ‘wait times‘ for collecting their vehicle (they can also add their own wait time) The application also offers users a chance to ‘review’ their car rental experience. The application will also provide access to latest blogs on car hire in the USA.

In the last major update the app also now includes the “car finder” feature which allows users to pin their parked car on a map, then at their leisure instruct the app to find their vehicle, the app will then plot a course back to the users parked car.

The app is free and ready to download from the apple store and google play.



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