Driving Licence And Your USA Car Hire

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One of the main requirements for collecting your USA car hire is the showing of your driving licence. Here in the UK, the “new” style driving licence is made up of two parts.

The first being a credit card style identification part, including a photo of the licence holder plus full name and age.

The second piece is a paper part which includes and shows our suppliers any endorsements you may have.

Our suppliers reserve the right to refuse any customer who cannot produce both their paper part and card ID. See our terms for more information.

However in 2014 this will all be changing as the DVLA has revealed that it plans to do away with the paper licence part and move endorsements online via a massive database within three years.

This database will allow police officers instant access to driver endorsements via the internet and will allow our suppliers (with your permission) to also access them online.

The old style UK driving licence which is purely paper, will be phased totally out. According to the DVLA, there are still around 12 million paper licences in circulation.

What do you think about this latest initiative?



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