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Today’s post covers the ambiguous term we use in USA Car Hire, the terms is “or similar”. As I’m sure you’ve noted, all vehicles we offer on our results page state “or similar”.

Unfortunately we can never guarantee make or model of any of the vehicles we rent, this does mean we cannot confirm MPG, luggage space and engine size etc.

Now “or similar” is a term all car hire suppliers use, the reason for this is explained below

5 reasons we use the term “or similar”

  • Its inevitable, but vehicle’s do get in accidents, in this instance the supplier may have to replace that model with a different model within the same category.
  • Late returns, although customers pre-book a set amount of time, suppliers tend to allow customers to extend their rentals locally, which mean’s that the original vehicle is not returned as planned.
  • One Way Rentals, collecting from one location but dropping off at another is common, with the new choice product offered by both Alamo Rent A Car and Dollar Rent A Car the supplier wont know until the day of collection which vehicles will actually be returned to an alternative location.
  • Breakdown’s, as with anything mechanical, vehicles are susceptible to mechanical failure, although its obviously in the best interest of the supplier to keep their vehicle in tip top shape, breakdowns do occur and can keep a car off the road.
  • Re-Fleeting, at certain times during the year suppliers will take advantage of the very profitable second hand market, when they do this they obviously have to replace those vehicles and sometimes with different models.

Now here at we do offer the customer the chance to see what vehicle’s previous customer’s have collected in their category, you can find it by clicking on the review section on our results page. I also recently posted about which car’s our customers were collecting in Florida.

We understand that a specific make or model can really make a holiday, which is why we are always happy to request a specific vehicle for our customers, obviously we cant guarantee you’ll get it but we like to think we have a certain sway. If you’d like us to do this for you, please email your preference to stating your booking reference number and your model of choice and we’ll try our best for you.



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