My Top Five Reason’s Why I love USA Car Hire

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Yesterday I was tired and grumpy, which resulted in my post My Top Five Car Hire USA Pet Peeves, venting these minor irritations helped disperse most of my anger and made me realise I should address the balance. Hence today’s post

My Top Five Reasons Why I love USA Car Hire

  1. Free Upgrades – Its not something that happens everyday but on occasions our suppliers do give out some corking free upgrades. I love reading reviews from customers who have expected an Economy vehicle but to their delight received a Mustang.
  2. Sharing the excitement - Sometimes I forget, I’m the “expert”, I know Florida Car Hire like the back of my hand. I have over 15 years experience in the industry and without blowing my own trumpet, I’m pretty good at what I do. The “love” part, comes from sharing and helping to extend the excitement for the Florida virgin. A lot of our business comes from repeat customers however  its always someone’s first time in Florida, and for many its a holiday of a life time, being able to offer someone a little hint or tip that improves their holiday is a great feeling.
  3. Problem solving – Although car rental does have it’s restraints, in a time of crisis we are pretty quick to react, last years Ash Cloud is a great example of problem solving. Amending customers bookings, making sure their vehicles were ready for them when they finally got there and most importantly, all done as painlessly as possible is a major plus of USA car hire.
  4. My ideas are considered – This is probably more a thing, but as we specialise in USA Car Hire I’m going to include it. This blog that I enjoy writing daily is completely my own work, no one interferes with it or tell’s me what I can or can’t write about. If I have ideas I can go directly to the MD, I don’t have to go through a series of procedures or request a meeting, its very much an open door policy. If the idea is good we go with it, even some ideas that aren’t as good, like my forum are given a go.
  5. The travel industry – The final thing that I love about USA Car Hire is being part of the Travel Industry. The Travel Industry is a vibrant and welcoming industry and at times can be quite exciting. The majority of people are fantastic, passionate and above all friendly. I would recommend a career in travel to anyone.

So these are my top 5 reasons why I love USA car hire.

Why do you love USA Car Hire? Ok, well perhaps you don’t love it, but what do you like about it?



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