Is Car Hire Availability Now A Clue To Summer Shortage?

Hi all,

OK granted, perhaps the title is a little suggestive and the experience below is definitely a very rare occurrence however I think the message is true, which is basically pre-book to avoid disappointment.

I’ve changed the names of the car hire suppliers to protect the innocent….mostly ME!

Car Hire Company A

Yesterday I tried to book an Economy Vehicle for one of our customers for collection on the 19/02/11 with Car Hire Company A from Orlando International Airport, a simple process and one I’ve done millions of times before. I expected this to be a very straight forward process, a confirmation, the voucher to be prepared and the customer notified and so didn’t really give it another thought!

Until my phone rings and its Car Hire Company A and they are stating that unfortunately they are sold out!!! My first reaction was that this was an error, so I politely sent the Car Hire Company A representative away to try again and fully expected the embarrassed agent to come back and say “So sorry James, you are indeed king of Car Hire and the vehicle is available”.

However this wasn’t the case, the agent was correct and Car Hire Company A were sold out of all vehicles for collection on the 19/02/11 from Orlando International Airport!

Car Hire Company B

I was surprised but I wasn’t too worried as we also use Car Hire Company B and Car Hire Company C, so I gave the customer a quick call and explained the situation, we talked over some possibilities and decided that Car Hire Company B was the best option.

So off I went again, there was no way Car Hire Company B would have any problems with this request… how wrong I was!!  “Hi James, nope sorry can’t help you on this one I’m afraid we are totally sold out at MCO for the 19/02/11″. Wow! Car Hire Company B were sold out as well!!

Car Hire Company C

So back I went to the customer for a second time, to again explain the situation and state I’d try Car Hire Company C for her, which she agreed too.

So Car Hire Company C were my last hope to rescue me from this Economy 4dr hell… “Yep, James I can help you out, we do have an Economy 4dr available”. Hooray!!! I practically bit Car Hire Company C’s hand off.


Now this type of situation is very rare for rentals from Orlando, it is the first time I can ever remember Car Hire Company A or Car Hire Company B not being able to offer the vehicle we have requested. Also the next week in usa car hire is generally a busy one with half term starting. I also believe that most suppliers are replacing their fleet at present which does create a small cross over period.

However as mentioned at the top of this post, I think the moral (not really a moral) is to book early for peak periods.



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