Car Rental Suppliers Favourite Vehicle Of All Time

Hi all,

Everyone has their favourite type of car to rent, however have you ever wondered what our suppliers favourite vehicle is? Course you have ;-)

Well auto rental news surveyed car hire suppliers, owners and managers, and asked them to determine their “favorite rental car of all time.” Survey respondents were asked to judge 35 model choices on price, functionality, reliability, safety, customer experience, maintenance, acquisition costs, resale value and overall return on investment.

I think you will agree that the results are definitely not the choice of you or I, but does show that reliability is the number one priority for suppliers.

The Winner  - Toyota Camry

Second – Ford Taurus (pre discontinuation)

Third – Ford Taurus (new design)

Fourth – Toyota Corolla

Fifth – Chevrolet Impala

Sixth – Hyundai Sonata

Seventh – Honda Accord

Eigth – Chrysler 300

Joint Ninth – Ford Focus

Joint Ninth – Nissan Altima

What would be your all time favourite Rental Car?



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