Dollar Rent A Car Move To Non-Smoking Car Hire USA Fleet

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As of the 04/01/2011 Dollar Rent A Car have moved to a totally smoke free car hire USA fleet.

5 Questions About Dollar Rent A Car’s Smoke Free Fleet

What is the policy on smoking in a Dollar fleet vehicle?
Dollar will be moving to an exclusive non-smoking fleet effective January 4, 2011. Vehicles that indicate previous smoking activity should be brought to the attention of the rental location immediately.

Why is Dollar establishing a non-smoking policy?
Tobacco smoke permeates the interior of a vehicle and leaves behind an objectionable and sometimes irritating odor. The purpose behind this change in fleet vehicle policy is to make certain that the comfort of all our customers is taken into account. We want every aspect of the rental process to be pleasant for you.

How does Dollar inspect vehicles for evidence of smoking?
Agents inspect the vehicles upon return for a number of items, including looking for evidence of smoking activity such as: smoke, ashes, cigarette or cigar butts, burns, etc. We will make an assessment and charge a cleaning fee if we find physical evidence or the presence of tobacco odor.

When and how will Dollar alert customers of a smoking policy violation?
In most circumstances, the return agent will inspect the vehicle and notify the customer at the conclusion of the return process. If we find any evidence of smoking, we will inform the customer of our discovery and of any cleaning fee assessments up to $250.00. We may not charge until after we clean the vehicle so we can charge the appropriate cost to return the vehicle to smoke free status for the next customer.

If a customer leaves before an agent is able to inspect the vehicle, returns the vehicle after hours, or the agent cannot conduct a thorough inspection at the time of vehicle return, we will notify the customer of any cleaning-related fees charged to their credit card via mail.

What steps can I take to make certain I am not charged a cleaning fee?
The easiest way to prevent a smoking-related cleaning fee is to avoid smoking while in the vehicle. The customer should thoroughly inspect the vehicle both upon renting and returning the vehicle and inform an agent of any questions or concerns before leaving the rental facility.

How do you feel about Dollar’s smoke free fleet?



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