My Top 5 Car Hire USA Blogs Of 2010

Hi all,

2011 is almost upon us, so I thought this might be an ideal time to look back at my work over 2010. The car hire blog was handed over to me with only 50 posts registered and I’m happy to say that we are now nearing 300 posts.

Below are my favourite 5 posts of 2010, they are not necessarily based on volume of hits but more personal satisfaction.

Universal Orlando and usrentacar Strike Up Partnership

Reason – This was a really big deal for us, we’d been hounding Universal for a deal for as long as I’ve worked here, but the climate had never been suitable, until now. Being a fan of the Harry Potter series, the chance to work with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park was and is, really exciting. Look out for new websites and offers in the new year.

Drive Your Dream Car! A-Team van to K.I.T!

Reason – Not strictly 2010 (actually 2009) and not strictly my work, however the amount of traffic this little article brings in still makes me smile. Our Res Team are constantly moaning that customer keep asking for a bat mobile even though it was posted on the April Fools day!!! Launches Car Hire USA Forum

Reason - Again not really a big post in terms of hits but for me it was my first proper idea that I took to the boss and set up from start to finish. It has by no means been as successful as I’d hoped but I learnt a lot.

Live Availability With Dollar Rent A Car Hits

Reason – Another first for® and something our IT guys are rightly proud of, Live availability with Dollar Rent A Car meaning seamless links to the Dollar reservation system. Look out for more additions and products using this system in 2011.

Latest Car Hire Makes and Models Being Collected

Reason – My final pick is purely for my ego, its been my most popular post and the one I got most pats on the back for. I’ve since posted similar blogs stating which categories of vehicles our customers are collecting which are always popular.

Tomorrow I will post the 2010 most popular posts, please feel free to comment on any of my work.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

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