Unusual Foods In The USA

Hi all,

While investigating unusual USA laws for this blog I also stumbled upon several sites talking about unusual foods they’d sampled in America. Below is a list of some of my favourites.

The Pizza Burger - Burger King in New York.


Pineberry – served in Virgina is a hybrid mixture of Strawberry and pineapple.


Bacon Turtle Burger – Sampled in Orlando Florida.

turtle burger

Dexter Candy - Inspired by the books and TV series, found in Miami I’d imagine.#dexter candy

Chicken Feet – Southern USA


Scrapple - Philidelphia, its bascially scraps of meat cooked with corn meal.


Burgoo - Southern USA, Its a spicy Stew…


Cactus Fries - Texas

cactus fries

I think the bacon turtle burger looks the best ;-)

Have you ever come across any of the above food?

Have I missed any off?

Regards and eat well,


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