Suppliers Announce Worlds First Turnip Powered Eco-Fleet of Rental Cars

Alternative fuels have long been the goal of many rental companies to help reduce the extremely high running costs created by conventional fossil fuels.


Our suppliers are now taking the use of alternative fuels so seriously that they have introduced the launch of their first fleet of vehicles designed to run on compressed root vegetables.

Professor Herman Spud said ‘this is a truly remarkable achievement – we tried for many years to produce an optimum alternative organic fuel that was a realistic alternative to current fuel options…it was also imperative that it didn’t smell of cabbages.

The Professor continued ‘The only real problem we are facing is convincing refuelling stations to stock large quantities of turnips’

But how does this extraordinary process work?


Professor Spud states that using their advanced turnip crushing technology (Fig above) they are able to extract the pure essence of the turnip which they then use to formulate the basis of their revolutionary new fuel.

When I asked why they use Turnips specifically the Professor stated  ’We needed to use a vegetable that contained both vitamin C and A as well as low levels of Calcium….plus I really, really like turnips!

The new fleet plans to go live on the 1st of April so please try to contain yourself until then…in the meantime until that happens you can still search our suppliers for ‘non’ root vegetable powered vehicles.

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