Tips for Flying with a Children

Hi all,

With my third child due in May and the fact I’ve just come back from an antinatle class, I thought I’d base this weeks blog on children.

Below are my tips to flying with children. Please feel free to agree, disagree or add tips of your own.

Before you leave

Try to book your flights for times where the airport will be less busy, big crowds can be very stressful, I would suggest off peak times like midday and late evening, and during the week instead of weekends.

Pack plenty of entertainment for the flight, including snacks, drinks, and activities. Go really overboard, you can never have to much stuff.

One of the things I always pack is a portable DVD player; my children are quite particular about the films they watch.

I also find knowledge is king, for me preparing my kids so they fully know what ?to expect at the airport and on the plane, and give them tips for how to behave.

Remind your child that it’s illegal to make any kind of jokes about bombs. According to the FAA, even a child’s jest can result in fines and delays.

In the Airport

Add additional time at the airport. You never know when your children will need an unexpected stop.

Give your child safety rules, such as what to do if you become separated. Should she stay where she is and wait for you?

Visiting the shops in search of the perfect snack or a magazine can keep kids happy and busy for extended periods.

Personally I don’t like them but child reins might be an ideal option.

Remember, you will be distracted when checking in and claiming your luggage. There may be moments when you have to let go of your child’s hand.

On the Plane

Take-offs and landings can be painful for little ears. Bring along ear filters, which buffer eardrums against rapidly changing air pressure. Encourage your child to swallow by offering beverages or my children’s favourite, boiled sweets.

To prevent clutter and to get the most out of each toy, only get one out at a time.

Remember being on a plane is very exciting, by giving your child the window seat he/she gets to see a lot more, plus it stops them from getting limbs bumped in the aisle.

Some parents of noisy kids deliberately choose seats in the back of the plane, where engine noise can muffle piping voices.

So do you agree, disagree? Can you add to the list?

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