Drive Your Dream Car! A-Team van to K.I.T!


U.S. Rent A Car announce an exclusive deal for this 01/04/2009 to offer our customers the chance to hire some amazing vehicles!

The Bat Mobile.

Ever wanted to rent a vehicle where its perfectly acceptable to drive in your under pants? well now’s your chance – The Bat Mobile is available for a short period of time, features include ejector seat, oil slick release and a shoe horn for removing wedgies.

?The A-Team Van

A deal was struck last week with Hannibal allowing U.S. Rent A Car Exclusive use of their vehicle. Hannibal quotes’ I love it when a short term rental agreement comes together’

?K.I.T Knight Industries

Have granted permission to allow their flagship vehicle to be rented out on a short term basis – If you love technology and annoying satellite navigation systems then this is the vehicle for you.

?Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang…we love you.

Hire this old skool vehicle with lots of handy features. The ability to fly is just one handy feature to avoid those troublesome queue’s at Disney. * Dick Van Dyke hired out separately.

Go Back to the Future with the Delorium Dream Car.

Doc stated that this exclusive rental opportunity wont come around again….unless of course you have your own time machine. Please note that interrupting the space time continuum is a big no, no and likely to lead to Doc screaming ‘GrEeAt ScOTt!’

?U.S. Rent A Car managing Director Gavin Boswell states ‘It’s not often we get the opportunity to really diversify our product. You’d have to be some kind of sucker not to want to drive the A-Team van for example. All these vehicle can be found at – just search at Orlando for more details on these amazing vehicles – I pity the poor fools that don’t check it out’

These exclusive deals are strictly subject to availability this 01/04/2009,

?Simply visit and search Florida for more details on these cars.

?Don’t miss this opportunity to drive your dream.



U.S. Rent A Car


* Please note vehicle are subject to availability.

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