Car Hire USA – Its a man’s world….

Hi all,

This weeks blog is statistics* based, don’t worry its not one of those positive PR exercises where I tell you car hire sales for are up by blah blah blah, its more about you, our customers.

Percentage of Men who are the lead driver

83% off all our bookings have the lead driver as a male.

Average age of driver

The average age of?these drivers is 37.

Most popular vehicle

The 7 seater minivan is still the most popular vehicle we rent.

Most poplar first name

The most likely Christian name of our drivers is David.

Most popular collect point

(MCO) Orlando International Airport

So if you reading this and your name is David, you are 37 and you require a 7 Seater Minivan from Orlando International, its more than likely we will be providing your car hire ;-)


Why do you think more men are lead drivers than women?

Do you fall in to any of these categories?



*Statistics are based on bookings made from 01 Jan 09 until 10 Mar 09 covering all collection dates and locations.

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