Unusual Laws in the USA

Hi All,

Was chatting to a colleague this week about?some unusual driving?law’s that we have hear in the UK, an example of one of the more extreme is,

“it is illegal for a taxi in London to carry Rabid dogs or Corpses”. I assume they have to take the bus ;-)

Anyway it got me thinking, if we have mental laws like the example above then the USA must have some crackers so after a bit of research this is what I discovered.

  1. In?the state of Florida it?is against the law to sing in a public place whilst wearing a swimsuit!
  2. Also in Florida , women can be fined, and also the salon owner, if they fall asleep under a hairdryer!
  3. General rule of thumb in the U.S. , If you tie an elephant to a parking meter, a parking fee must be paid, the same as you would for a vehicle. (this one is obvious though ;-)
  4. In California it is illegal for a vehicle to exceed 60 mph without a driver. (glad about this one, nothing makes me angrier than being cut up by KIT from Knight?Rider)
  5. In Long Beach it is illegal to swear on a mini-golf course.? (If you’ve seen me play Golf, you’ll know I would be locked up on my first swing)
  6. Since 1929 it has been illegal to wiggle while dancing in Stockton .
  7. All over California it is against the law to set a mousetrap unless you have a hunting licence.
  8. In New York the penalty for jumping off of a building is death!
  9. Blind men are forbidden from driving automobiles.

But some of my personal favourites come from Texas .

  1. It is against the law to put graffiti on someone else’s cow.
  2. An anti-crime law in Texas requires criminals to give their victims 24 hrs notice, either orally or written, to explain their actions for why they will commit the crime.
  3. The entire Encyclopaedia Britannica is banned in this state as it contains a formula for making beer at home.
  4. It is illegal for a person to take more than three sips of beer at a time whilst standing.

God bless ‘em :-)

Can you think of any other crazy laws? Which is your Favourite from the list above?



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