James’s first interview about bargainvillas.com

I don’t normally allow “free” advertising for businesses on Joe… however I’ve made an exception in the case of James Thomas of BargainVillas.com, firstly, he’s a mate, we worked together at a few travel companies, and secondly his service is free.

Q: Hi James, tell me about www.bargainvillas.com ?

A: Hi Joe, bargain villas is simply a holiday home advertising site that allows home owners to advertise their property for free. We started in Jan 08 with a beta version, lucky we did as well, as the site was some what image heavy, which made it slow to load. We also had some issue’s with our colour choice.

Q: Issue’s with colour?

A: Yeah, we went for magenta! With the idea of standing out in the villa crowd. On the first round of feedback from owners the criticism thrown time and time again was the colour. Perhaps we were looking to stand out a little to much.

Q: Why did you start bargainvillas?

A: We have always had the domain name waiting in the wings but the original idea came from one of our directors, he has a property in Tenerife and was not impressed at the amount of money he was paying to advertise for very little return, so why pay when you can do it yourself, and if you can’t do it yourself sign up for free at bargainvillas and we’ll do the rest.

Q: Why not simply undercut your competitors, why offer it for free?

A: Well to be honest Joe, we don’t really need the money that the advertising charges would bring in, we operate several other travel brands which provide enough revenue to run this company without having to ask owners to pay more. We also quite like the idea that perhaps owners can offer discounts to help them get valuable rental time booked. As previously mentioned we wanted to build a community and of course, we always like to upset the big boys, giving away the advertising for free perhaps will make villa owners wonder why they are bothering paying to advertise at all.

Q: How have owners reacted to bargainvillas.com?

A: Well to be honest a lot of them don’t believe we could possibly be offering this service for free. I think owners are thinking its to good to be true. Once we have convinced them though they are of course very happy with the result.

Q: So what is bargainvillas aim?

A: To be the first port of call for anyone wishing to rent a holiday home, simple as that.

Q: Thanks James. Good luck.

You can sign up for free at bargain villas by clicking here

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