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Hi all,

While I?was going through some old manifests recently?I came across an interesting request from a customer.

“customer requests no green coloured cars, he does not have a preference but asks that he doesn’t have a green one”

Its not for me to judge why the customer made such a request,??but it got me?wondering what other requests our customers have asked for. Please find below a list of requests from our customers.

  • Customer requests a CD player with MP3 attachment
  • Customer requests that his sat nav has?a female voice.
  • Customer requests no red cars. Would prefer Silver.
  • Customer requests a Ford Mustang (this one came up over 100 times!)
  • Customer requests?a vehicle that has never been smoked?in.
  • Customer requests Manual transmission.
  • Customer requests?rear seats to be removed. (this was for a 15str)
  • Customer requests no French or Japanese cars.

Although we can never guarantee any of the requests our customers ask for, we are always happy to place them on the manifest.

I think my personal favourite is the?women’s voice on the Sat Nav :-)

What’s yours??Are there any requests you’d like to ask for?




U.S. Rent A

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