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Today I was looking through our database of questions asked by customers and of course there was plenty of repetition. So I thought I’d list some pointers for people to remember regarding car hire.

  1. Our suppliers will never guarantee make or model for any car hire type. Please bear in mind you are booking a category of vehicles and not a specific make or model, for example, You book a convertible and not a Ford Mustang.
  2. With this in mind, we also cannot confirm individual specifications for vehicles, the number of suitcases and MPG for instance are only for example purposes.
  3. You must present your full driving licence. If you hold the “new” style UK licence then a full licence represents both parts, plastic and paper.

    Things to remember about car hire in the USA

    Things to remember about car hire in the USA

  4. The lead driver generally (a few occasions when not) must be the holder of a major credit card.
  5. Drivers must be 21 years or older?to drive, additional charges can be charged for drivers aged 21-24. Visit Car Hire USA for under 25′s?for more info.
  6. You must take your car hire voucher with you, without it you maybe refused your rental. Vouchers are printed from our website. Click here to log in.
  7. Always read your rental agreement before you sign it. When you collect your vehicle locally?you will be asked to sign a rental agreement, this agreement acts as a contract between yourselves and the car rental supplier. We urge all customers to fully read this document and query anything they don’t understand.


When it was your first time hiring in the U.S. what do you wish you’d known? Have a forgotten to add anything else?




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