Consolidated USA Car Rental Facility Opens In Miami

Miami International has unveiled its new consolidated rental car garage, a facility that will house 16 rental companies and their 6,500 cars.miamilocation

Located east of the airport, the building’s first three levels are dedicated to storing and maintaining cars and the top floor is a customer service lobby. A fleet of buses will transport travelers to and from the terminals, eliminating the need for rental companies to operate their own shuttles.

The $480 million facility is the first phase of a broader construction project by the Florida Department of Transportation to build a major “intermodal center” that will house the county’s metro rail and buses, Amtrak and possibly high speed rail service.

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Theme Park Attendances for 2009

Even in a global recession Theme Parks seem to have done ok.

Here are the Top 20 United States theme parks for 2009:

1. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom: 17.2 million +1.0%
2. Disneyland: 15.9 million +8.0%
3. Epcot: 11.0 million +0.5%
4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 9.7 million +1.0%
5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom: 9.6 million +0.5%
6. Disney’s California Adventure: 6.1 million +9.5%
7. SeaWorld Orlando: 5.8 million -6.8%
8. Universal Studios Florida: 5.4 million -12.0%
9. Islands of Adventure: 4.5 million -13.8%
10. Universal Studios Hollywood: 4.3 million -6.0%
11. SeaWorld San Diego: 4.2 million -12.6%
12. Busch Gardens Tampa: 4.1 million -12.3%
13. Knott’s Berry Farm: 3.3 million -6.5%
14. Canada’s Wonderland: 3.2 million -6.5%
15. Kings Island: 3.0 million -4.0%
16. Cedar Point : 2.9 million -8.0%
17. Busch Gardens Williamsburg: 2.9 million +3.7%
18. Hersheypark: 2.8 million -1.2%
19. Six Flags Great Adventure: 2.6 million -4.6%
20. Six Flags Magic Mountain: 2.5 million -2.5%
(tie) Six Flags Great America: 2.5 million -6.3%

And the Top 20 theme park worldwide:

1. Magic Kingdom
2. Disneyland
3. Tokyo Disneyland: 13.6 million -4.5%
4. Disneyland Paris: 12.7 million +0.4%
5. Tokyo DisneySea: 12 million -4.0%
6. Epcot
7. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
8. Disney’s Animal Kingdom
9. Universal Studios Japan: 8.0 million -3.6%
10. Everland (South Korea): 6.2 million -6.5%
11. Disney’s California Adventure
12. SeaWorld Orlando
13. Universal Studios Florida
14. Ocean Park (Hong Kong): 4.8 million -4.6%
15. Nagashima Spa Land (Japan): 4.7 million +1.1%
16. Hong Kong Disneyland: 4.6 million +2.0%
17. Islands of Adventure
(tie) Yokohama Hakkeijima Spa Paradise: 4.5 million -0.7%
19. Universal Studios Hollywood
20. Lotte World (South Korea): 4.3 million +0.6%

More Security Checks For USA Brit Travellers

As reported by the Travel Weekly. The US Transport Security Administration (TSA) has announced extra security measures at British airports which will see up to 50% of passengers facing secondary screening. Specific details of the new methods have not yet been released, but all passengers on flights bound for America could be subject to additional searches, body scans and behavioural observation before being allowed on board.

The move is another result of the thwarted attempt to bring down a Delta Airlines flight by a Nigerian man using an explosive device hidden in his underwear on Christmas Day 2009. Full body searches and additional hand baggage searches were among measures introduced at boarding gates for passengers originating from 14 countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. But this has now been extended so that passengers may face secondary screening, irrespective of nationality, age and gender.

The TSA has recommended that passengers “allow additional time to get through security on America-bound international flights” and urged passengers to check with their airports and carriers.

Explore Flu Trends In The USA

Hi all,

 While looking around the internet I cam across this interesting peice of potential paranoia via google

Google Flu Trends works like this - 

Each week, millions of users around the world search for health information online. As you might expect, there are more flu-related searches during flu season, more allergy-related searches during allergy season, and more sunburn-related searches during the summer. You can explore all of these phenomena using Google Insights for Search. But can search query trends provide the basis for an accurate, reliable model of real-world phenomena?

We have found a close relationship between how many people search for flu-related topics and how many people actually have flu symptoms. Of course, not every person who searches for “flu” is actually sick, but a pattern emerges when all the flu-related search queries are added together. We compared our query counts with traditional flu surveillance systems and found that many search queries tend to be popular exactly when flu season is happening. By counting how often we see these search queries, we can estimate how much flu is circulating in different countries and regions around the world.

I feel a cold coming on….

New Alamo and Dollar Upgrade Special Offer

Hi All,

U.S. Rent A Car is happy to announce a limited time guaranteed upgrade deal for new bookings with both Alamo Rent A Car and Dollar Rent A Car in Florida.

 Alamo Rent A Car Deal

 For all new Alamo Rent A Car, Compact and Intermediate vehicles picking up from 07th APRIL 2010 – 30TH JUNE 2010. U.S. Rent A Car customers will receive the following.

Book a Compact 2dr receive an Intermediate 2dr

Book a Compact 4dr receive an Intermediate 4dr

Book a Intermediate 2dr receive an Full Size 2dr

Book a Intermediate 4dr receive an Full Size 4dr

Dollar Rent A Car Deal

For all new Alamo Rent A Car, Compact and Intermediate vehicles picking up from 10th APRIL 2010 – 30TH JUNE 2010. U.S. Rent A Car customers will receive the following.

Book a Compact 2dr receive an Intermediate 2dr

Book a Compact 4dr receive an Intermediate 4dr

Book a Intermediate 2dr receive an Full Size 2dr

Book a Intermediate 4dr receive an Full Size 4dr

We hope some of you can take of advantage of this great offer.



Height Restrictions At Universal Orlando

Worried you’re too small to ride the Hulk?

Below is a list of height restrictions for rides at Universal Orlando.


Universal Studios Florida®

Revenge of the MummySM – Must be at least 48″

Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast™ – Must be at least 40″ (persons under 40″ can experience this attraction from an adjacent stationary location.)

MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™ – Must be at least 42″

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster® – Must be at least 36″

The Simpsons Ride™ – Must be at least 40″

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – Must be at least 51″

E.T. Adventure – Must be at least 34″


Universal’s Islands of Adventure® 

Jurassic Park River Adventure® – Must be at least 42″

Pteranodon Flyers® – Please note that Pteranodon Flyers® is designed for children 36 to 56 inches tall. A child meeting this requirement must accompany guests over 56 inches tall

Dueling Dragons® – Must be at least 54″

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls® – Must be at least 44″

Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges® – Must be at least 42″

Incredible Hulk Coaster® – Must be at least 54″

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man® – Must be at least 40″

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall® – Must be at least 52″

The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride!™ – Must be 34″. (Children 34″to 48″must be accompanied by an adult.)

Sales Taxes Per USA State

State   General
+max local
Alabama 4% 10%
Alaska none 7%
Arizona 5.6% 10.6%
Arkansas 6% 6%
California 8.75% 10.25%
Colorado 2.9%  
Connecticut 6% 6%
Delaware none none
Florida 6% 7.5%
Georgia 4% 8%
Idaho 6%  
Illinois 6.25% 11.5%
Indiana 7% 9%
Iowa[126] 6% 7%
Kansas 5.3%  
Kentucky 6% 6%
Louisiana 4%  
Maine 5% 5%
Maryland 6% 6%
Massachusetts 6.25% 6.25%
Michigan 6% 6%
Minnesota 6.875% 7.5%
Mississippi 7% 9%
Missouri 4.225% 9.241%
Montana none 3%
Nebraska 5.5% 7%
Nevada 6.85%  
New Hampshire none none
New Jersey 7% 7%
New Mexico none none
New York 4% 8.875%
North Carolina 5.5% 8.25%
North Dakota 5%  
Ohio[127] 5.5% 7.75%
Oklahoma 4.5% 5%
Oregon none none
Pennsylvania 6% 8%
Puerto Rico 5.5% 7%
Rhode Island 7% 7%
South Carolina 6%  
South Dakota 4%  
Tennessee 7% 9.75%
Texas 6.25% 8.25%
Utah 4.75%  
Vermont 6% 7%
Virginia 4% 5%
Washington 6.5% 9.5%
West Virginia 6% 6%
Wisconsin 5% 5.6%
Wyoming 4% 7%

BA Strike Dates

 Unite (union representing British Airways cabin crew), have announced that staff will strike for three days from 20 March and for four days from 27 March.

Remember U.S. Rent A Car offers cancellation and amendment protection which would allow you to amend your hire if you need to, please see our terms for more details.

How To Avoid Being Carjacked

Carjacking is a “completed or attempted robbery of a motor vehicle by a stranger to the victim. It differs from other motor vehicle theft because the victim is present and the offender uses oir threatens force” according to the United States Department of Justice.

Favourite Carjacking Spots

  • Parking lots
  • Shopping centres
  • Gas station
  • Car washes
  • Convience stores
  • ATM’s
  • Fast Food Drive Throughs

How to Avoid

  • When leaving your car unattended, slide the front seats as far back as possible to leave no room for anyone to hide in the back.
  • Before getting in, check the back seat
  • Park in well-lit, un-isolated areas
  • Look out for people loitering
  • If suspicious of someone do not go to your car, walk or run away
  • Have your keys in your hand as you approach your car so you can get in as soon as possible
  • Once inside your car, drive off immediatley
  • In cities drive with the windows wound up and the doors locked

U.S. To Charge $10 Visitors Tax

Visitors to the US will have to pay a fee of at least $10 following the passing of the Travel Promotion Act by the US Senate.

The act, which is expected to become law within 10 days, means travellers will have to pay to complete the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation form before travelling.

It is thought the charge could be as much as $17, taking into account the cost of setting up the transactional website and credit card fees.

A Corporation for Travel Promotion will be set up to push the US as a tourist destination to source markets and to provide information to prospective visitors and travel professionals overseas. This will be funded by the charge for visitors, which will be directed into a Travel Promotion Fund.

President Obama is expected to sign the measure in the next few days.

Visit USA chairwoman Kate Burgess-Craddy said: “This has been needed for a long time. The US has lost market share because other countries have upped their game and the US hasn’t been marketing itself enough. We don’t welcome the charge but as a proportion of the cost of going to the US, it is not really very much.”

She claimed the UK travel industry was likely to benefit from the act in the long term.

“We should see a good chunk of the money being spent here,” added Burgess-Craddy.

“Visit USA will be lobbying to make sure the money is spent with operators and airlines. Hopefully this will mean more bookings for the UK trade.”

The move has been welcomed by the travel industry in the US, which has been lobbying for the government to get involved in promoting the US as a tourist destination for some time.

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