New Advantage Rent A Car Suitor Appears

Hi all,

I’ve posted more about the Hertz Dollar buyout then any other topic I think… some may argue I went on a bit about our latest redesign and they’d have a point. ;-)

Anyway, Hertz have been seeking FTC approval for over 2 years now and part of the process seems to be the sale of Advantage Rent A Car.

Many people, including myself  have  speculated on who the eventual buyers will be however today Bloomberg citing an article on Mlex, stated that Hertz have reached an agree for the sale of Advantage Rent A Car to U-Save Car Rental.

U-Save, which has been running for 30 years now and operates out of 200 locations across the U.S. seem to be the FTC’s favourite to get the nod.

All this seems to point toward an impeding bid from Hertz, be it either directly to the board or directly to the share holders. Time will tell.



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