Avis Budget’s Response To Hertz’s Comments Over Dollar Thrifty

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Interesting statement from Avis Budget today -

Hertz has today stated that if the Dollar Thrifty stockholders reject the Hertz merger, Hertz will end all efforts to acquire Dollar Thrifty.  Based on this commitment, Avis Budget is now prepared to agree to pay a reverse termination fee of $20 million in a merger agreement with Dollar Thrifty.  Avis Budget has always said that as long as Hertz had matching rights, Avis Budget would not consider a reverse termination fee.  Now that Hertz has in effect eliminated those matching rights, Avis Budget is prepared to offer such fee.
If Dollar Thrifty stockholders do not approve the Hertz transaction at the special meeting tomorrow:
1. Avis Budget will continue to actively pursue the acquisition of Dollar Thrifty, including commencing an exchange offer at our recent offer price no later than 10 business days after the meeting.  Such offer will be subject only to the conditions in the merger agreement previously provided (as adjusted for an exchange offer structure with a minimum tender condition, for modification of credit agreements, and to assure that Hertz honors the commitments made in its statement earlier today) and the Dollar Thrifty disclosure schedules previously delivered to us.
2. Avis Budget will continue to actively pursue antitrust clearance.  As previously disclosed, Avis Budget has committed to sell assets representing $325 million of revenues (of which not more than $250 million are U.S.), demonstrating our commitment to attaining antitrust approval.
3. Avis Budget will commit to sign the merger agreement previously provided, with an additional provision to assure that Hertz honors the commitments made in its statement.
4. In light of continuing questions related to reverse termination fees, Avis Budget will agree to pay a $20 million reverse termination fee in the merger agreement with Dollar Thrifty.

Who will win the battle…



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USA Car Related Lingo

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Today I’ve been thinking about the differences between ourselves and ourtwotalkingAmerican cousins, mostly in the language we use to describe car hire related subjects, here are a few I came up with -

UK         USA

Petrol – Gas

Motorway – Freeway

Detour – Diversion

Gearbox – Transmission

SUV –Sports utility vehicle

Boot – Trunk

Pavement – Kerb

Bumper – Fender

Indicators – Blinkers

Toll Road –Turnpike

Bonnet – Hood

Mobile phone – Cell phone

Crazy Americans Hey! :-)

I’m sure I’ve missed loads, if you can think of any or think I’m mistaken please add it to the comments section below.



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Dollar Rent A Car Now Accepting Visa Debit For Security Deposit

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Back in July I blogged about Alamo’s decision to accept Visa debit cards and quipped that I hoped other companiesvisa-debit-logo would follow suit.

Well fair play to Dollar Rent A Car for stepping up to my challenge and getting in touch with me yesterday to confirm that usrentacar.co.uk customers can now leave an imprint of a visa debit card for their deposit.

Upon arrival you will generally be asked to leave this information in the form of a pre-authorsiation, meaning any charges incurred during the rental, i.e. child seats; late return etc will be debited from the imprinted card, in the past this has always had to be a credit card.

Its great news that Dollar has agreed to do this and now we can only hope Budget Rent A Car follow suit… over to you Budget…

Please note that this article was correct at the time of posting, terms and conditions can change at any time without warning. Please  check our terms and conditions for clarification.

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Dollar Car Hire New York Locations

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Ok, so they don’t like being called nerds… so…. the geeks in the IT department have followed their Dollar Car Hire Las Vegas locations map withnewyork a map showing all the Dollar Car Hire locations in New York including opening times etc. You can very their hard work here, Dollar Car Hire Locations in New York.

As we now have live availability with Dollar Rent A Car you can now check available vehicle categories up to 15 minutes before collection! Also we offer free one way rentals from Nevada to California and vice versa so you could always collect from a downtown location but return it to the airport?

Is there another location you’d like us to map or have we missed something?

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Live Availability With Dollar Rent A Car Hits usrentacar.co.uk

Its ALIVE!!!!!

We are finally delighted to announce, that starting today the 20thitsalive September 2010 usrentacar.co.uk is now able to offer live availability on our site with Dollar Rent A Car.

This means vehicles shown on our results page with Dollar do not have to go through the usual on request procedure that Alamo and Budget do, and vouchers can be released immediately.

It also allows our website to go truly live, as we have been able to remove our usual 72 hours alert (for dollar only), so now customers can book on the day of collection if they wish.

A new feature you will notice during booking is a countdown timer, which is set at 15 minutes, all availability is based on 15 min intervals so it is important to complete the rental process within this time frame, the average person spends 4:30 minutes on usrentacar.co.uk so 15 minutes should be plenty. 

We are very excited about this new technology and hope our other suppliers will offer us the same opportunity soon.



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Birthdays, Awards, Partnerships, Freezing, Affiliates, Launching Stuff And Being Social


September has been an extremely busy month here at usrentacar.co.uk. megaphoneWe’ve reached a grand old age, launched a new site, struck up a partnership, frozen prices, received affiliates, started a forum, got more social and prepared for some awards.

 I could do with a holiday…


The launch of the new look florida car hire website went very well, with only minor bugs. I really like the new look and feel. We are also trying something a bit different with the way we return results which at present seems to be working well.


I’m very excited about a new partnership we have struck up, which is not car hire related, we are crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s  on the final contract so I can’t announce it yet but its something we’ve been trying to get moving for 6 years! Stay tuned…


Budget have given us the green light to hold our pricing for this year for booking in 2011, which is great news, there are some real bargains to be had at the moment. Remember you can secure your hire with just a £50 deposit.


The affiliate program is up and running, we have had a good response in sign up’s and hope we can start helping you to earn some money. We are still accepting registrations so don’t delay.


The blog guys, James and Simon, have convinced me to let them give a forum a go. To be honest, I have my doubts if the forum will be popular or useful, so I have agreed to give it a 3 month trial. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the forum and if the guys have missed any topics that should be covered.


Just a quick reminder to join our facebook and twitter accounts. If you don’t you maybe missing out, last month our twitter and facebook followers were treated to some exclusive promo codes.


September the 28th is the annual travolution awards and we are nominated for best car hire website. I’m looking forward to attending these awards and have my fingers firmly crossed we can make it 3rd time lucky.


Happy birthday to us… We are now in our 8th year of trading and I’d just like to take a quick moment to thank all the staff and customers that have made usrentacar a success. I have enjoyed the past 7 years and look forward to many more.

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Vote usrentacar In The British Travel Awards

Hi guys,

Voting for this years British Travel Awards is well under way now and as youbta may be aware we have been nominated in 2 categories this year.

Every person who votes for these awards is automatically entered in to a prize draw for some fabulous holiday prizes.

So why not vote for usrentacar.co.uk for Best Leisure Car Hire Company and Car Hire Company of the year by clicking here (http://www.britishtravelawards.com/vf_rl.php)

Thank you and kind regards,


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Budget Car Hire Increases Dollar Car Rental Bid

The battle for ownership of Dollar Rent A Car took another turn last night ascarental Avis Budget returned with an improved offer. Back in August I blogged about how Dollar had declined Budgets initial advances and how Hertz looked favourite to purchase Dollar.

However Budget has returned with an improved offer of around $1.36 Billion for the Tulsa based car rental giant. The cash portion of the Avis offer for Dollar Thrifty has been raised from $39.25 to $40.75 per share.

“We are confident that the Dollar Thrifty shareholders will prefer the premium Avis Budget offer to the Hertz offer,” Avis Budget stated.

The improved offer may still be shunned due to the opposition the deal might encounter via antitrust regulations.

Dollar Thrifty shareholders are due to attend a special meeting on September 16 to consider the Hertz offer.

“In the event that the Hertz transaction is rejected by the special meeting, we will commit to sign the merger agreement we previously delivered to Dollar Thrifty at any time within five days of that meeting,” Avis Budget said.

It’s clear that whoever completes the deal will have increased their market share and obtained the only USA Car Rental supplier to make a profit in 2009.

Will keep you all posted.



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Queuing Still The Top USA Car Hire Pet Peeve

Hi all,

Just got some interesting data from the nerds at usrentacar HQ regardingrant things that just get your back up about car hire.

In true family fortunes style, we surveyed 100 people (lead drivers) collecting car rentals in the USA in July 2010 and asked them to rate their experiences and comment on possible improvements (if applicable).

Here are the top five pet peeves.

  1. Queuing - on average customers were willing to wait up to 15 mins to get to the car counter, anything after this was deemed unreasonable.
  2. Hard sell – generally the people surveyed were not against being offered the chance to upgrade their car hire, what they didn’t like was the feeling of being pressured to accept.
  3. Dirty cars – should never really happen, as our hire is pre-paid they know when you are coming, but the 3rd  most popular pet peeve was a dirty interior.
  4. Credit Cards – having to produce a credit card to collect your vehicle put some of your backs up (Alamo have been pro-active on this http://blog.usrentacar.co.uk/index.php/2010/07/01/alamo-car-hire-now-accepting-visa-debit-deposit/)
  5. Not getting the make I wanted – Not a lot we can do about this one I’m afraid, we never guarantee make or model of any of our suppliers vehicles but perhaps these blog’s could help (http://blog.usrentacar.co.uk/index.php/2010/07/06/dollar-car-hire-confirm-customer-choice-for-us-rent-a-car-clients/ and http://blog.usrentacar.co.uk/index.php/2009/09/29/alamo-car-hire-choice-product/)

I hate queuing so I think that would also be my major grievance.

What things about car hire in the USA get on your nerves?



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Online Promo Code – USR5 Valid Until 31/08/10

Hi all,

New Promotional Code For August

All new Florida bookings made in August 2010 for collection fromusrentacar today until the 31/03/2011 can take advantage of our new promo code


the above promo code entitles the user to receive an additional £5 off your rental.

Please note the promo code is only available online and not via our call centre, it also cannot be added once a booking is made.

(please note: promo code added at the basket stage online)



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