1 In 5 People Upgrade Upon Arrival

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Fresh data out today provided from The National Canstar Blue survey, states that 1 in 5 people upgrade their vehicle upon arrival to take advantage of driving a vehicle they would never normally be able to afford.

The survey goes on to state that Men are more likely to upgrade than Women and that drivers classed as generation Y renters are even more likely to upgrade then previous generations.

Rebecca Logan, a manager at Canstar Blue stated

These results show that a sizeable group of car hire customers are happy to invest a bit extra for the luxurious experience of driving and being seen in a car beyond their means in everyday life. This isn’t surprising, given many travellers adopt a more lax mindset when enjoying themselves away from home.

Interesting point, I’m sure we all are little more generous and perhaps even lax with our budgeting when on holiday however  the amazing part about upgrading locally to me, is that in most cases the cost to upgrade is more expensive than it would have been to pre-pay for the vehicle in the UK, in some cases as much as 50% more!

I posted back in April 2011 regarding the choice to upgrade locally or upgrade before you go, I had no idea that so many opted to do this in the U.S.

Remember if you upgrade locally your contract is with the supplier and not usrentacar, we cannot obtain refunds for customers if they have signed locally agreeing to the local terms. Please read everything carefully before signing.

What’s your opinion on upgrading locally?



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