Why Can Petrol Be More Expensive When Purchased From The Supplier?

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Most Car Hire USA supplier’s; if they haven’t already, are altering the traditional pick up full, return full petrol policies of the past to a pre-paid fuel option.

In other words if you select the inclusive rate (which doesn’t include your first tank of fuel) the supplier will expect you to pay for a full tank of fuel on arrival and return the vehicle empty.

Now the petrol you purchase from the supplier can sometimes be more expensive than purchasing directly from the pumps, here are some reasons why this can be the case!

  • At present there is no way to compare pre-paid fuel options by supplier, this obviously leads to a lack of competitiveness.
  • I would imagine there is also a slight increase due to the convenience factor, not having to refill the rental car.
  • Purchasing from airports brings its own taxes which are passed on to the customer.
  • Some suppliers have to maintain a special fuelling area, which is not cheap.
  • Supplier’s don’t purchase petrol at the same wholesale rates as gas stations.
  • Some car rental locations do not have fuel refilling stations on site. This forces the rental location to send a employee out to refill a car at an external gas station. The additional cost covers the employee’s time plus the internal expenses behind accounting for these external gas purchases

usrentacar.co.uk offers a GOLD rate, which includes your first tank of fuel (return empty) for some this may work out as a more cost effective alternative.

Remember always fully read your car rental agreements and  confirm with the supplier upon collection there fuelling policy.

Also…. why not try a bit of haggling if you’re game….



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