I Don’t Have A Credit Card, Can I Still Rent A Car?

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Yesterday’s post regarding photocopied driving licences proved to be credit cardsextremely popular, for 2013 it was the most read article in one day. It got us thinking that perhaps we should focus on the typical questions our reservation staff get asked and one of the main questions is;

I don’t have a credit card, can I still Rent A Car?

For the majority of our suppliers, being the holder of a major credit card is crucial, it is used within the validation process when you collect the vehicle and is required at almost all locations.

If you are under 25 and you are looking to take advantage of our young driver packages, the lead driver will have to be the holder of a major credit.

If you are looking to collect with Sixt Rent A Car, Budget Rent A Car, Thrifty Car Rental or National Car Rental at any of their locations, the lead driver will need to be the holder of a major credit card.

Are there any exceptions?

If you are collecting from Orlando International Airport then our supplier Alamo Rent A Car will accept a VISA debit card for the security deposit, however if you are collecting with them at any other location you will require a credit card.

Dollar Rent A Car appear to be leading their rivals on this front, at present you can use a VISA debit card to collect your vehicle from almost all of their 260 location across the U.S.

How much will they block on the card?

Generally the security deposit is approx. $200 per week, this does vary per supplier and per location. See terms for more. This amount is taken on an imprint of your card, the imprint is destroyed upon return of the vehicle. Please note that the security deposit is not an excess. Funds may be deducted from your account for items purchased locally, for example child seat rental. Your card will also be debited for any traffic violations you may incur including toll violations which will also come with an administration fee generally $15.00.

What happens if I don’t have enough funds to cover the deposit?

Then unfortunately the supplier does hold the right to refuse you the rental. As a prepaid car hire usa company we pay the supplier in advance for your rental so in this situation we would not be able to refund you. Please note that U.S. Rent A Car cannot amend any details to a booking once the pick up date has passed.

With more and more people shunning credit cards we hope other companies will take a leaf out of Dollar Rent A Car’s book and accept VISA debit cards, I’m sure they will.

Please note: The information in this article were correct at the time of publishing, car rental suppliers terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime, please make sure you read our terms and conditions before making your purchase.

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 car hire USA

U.S. Rent A Car Nominated For British Travel Award…Again

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Just as our sister site, Orlando Attraction Tickets was celebrating their very vote for usfirst nomination for a prestigious British Travel Award, here at U.S. Rent A Car we’re celebrating our 5th nomination in as many years. :-) HOORAY!!!

Once again we’ve been shortlisted in the Best Car Hire Company category alongside such heavyweights as Avis and Budget! Its a further pat on the back for the team who have been working in extremely tough and competitive market this year. We hope you take the time to vote for us.

About the British Travel Awards

The British Travel Awards is the largest awards programme in the UK created to reward the best companies in travel.  The British Travel Awards are easily the most recognisable of all travel industry accolades amongst consumer and industry professionals alike with categories spanning all types of holiday experience – transport, destination, cruise, customer service, holiday extras, and accommodation. The British Travel Awards symbol is the benchmark for excellence when it comes to finding out who really is the best in the business.  The 2013 BTAs will take place in London on 31 October.

How to vote

As with previous years everybody who votes is entered into a prize draw worth 1000′s in holiday related gifts.

So to vote for usrentacar.co.uk simply;

  • Visit the Britsh Travel Awards website by clicking here.
  • Fill in your details, remember to vote for U.S. Rent A Car for best car hire company.
  • While you’re at it why not help out Orlando Attraction Tickets and vote them also. (I note they haven’t done the same for us ;-)
  • Thats it all done, you can vote in as many categories as you want.

Thanks very much for voting.

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 car hire USA

How To Avoid Which?’s Biggest Car Hire Complaints

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On the commute into work today I got an email detailing a report put togethermadness by independent consumer company Which? detailing the top customer complaints with regards to car hire.

For today’s post I thought I would look at the top 5 issues and suggest ways in which our customers can avoid these issues when collecting their USA car hire.


Extra Charges (after hire)

The largest number of complaints Which? received were in regards to additional charges levied after the rental. The survey does not go into specifics as to what these charges actually relate to, for instance toll violations and traffic offences are not covered in any pre-paid car rental rate and therefore are justifiable.

Other charges may relate to our next topic…


Extra Charges (upon collection)

Nearly 1 in 5 Which? members who took the survey complained about additional charges after the vehicle was collected.

usrentacar tip: When you collect your car hire, you will be asked to sign a rental agreement this contract is between yourself and the rental car supplier.  This piece of paper or computer screen is a legally binding contract and will detail any additional charges associated with your hire. We strongly urge that customer fully read this document and only sign it when they are totally happy.

Do not be afraid to ask questions: It is almost impossible for our customer care team to fight a case on your behalf when the supplier has your signature agreeing to any additional charges.

What the charges maybe: Although we hate this, the guys and girls on the desks work on commision. They are paid a very basic wage and bump this up with commissions earned from selling optional extras. These include but are not restricted to; toll passes, Personal Accident Insurance, GPS units, Advance Roadside Assistance and upgrades. All of these optional extras can be useful, so don’t totally discard them but make sure you are only purchasing items you require.


Customer Service

Again the report is slightly ambiguous as customer service is quite a broad term however the one thing USA car hire does have in its armoury over its european counterparts is the American sense of “the customer is always right”. If you feel you aren’t receiving the level of service you would expect ask to speak to a manager, don’t settle for substandard service.

With regards to customer service upon return to the UK, this year has seen all our car rental suppliers amend their practises to be quicker and more streamlined (less red tape) we have definitely seen a decrease in wait times this year.


Condition of car

Which? state that 11% of people surveyed complained about the condition of the vehicle, this is a lot higher than our own statistics so I assume that the majority of these vehicles were rented in Europe. I think this could be down to the “choice product” that many USA rental companies are offering at the moment, the choice product allows customer to select their vehicle from the category they have pre-booked rather than having a predetermined vehicle assigned to them.

If you do happen to get a car that you feel is not up to standard then we suggest returning the vehicle to a supplier location and swapping it over, please make sure you call the location first to make sure they have inventory.


Fuel Charges

10% of Which? customers complained about fuel charges. A personal bugbear of mine, fuel charges are a very valid complaint and one that drives us here at usrentacar.co.uk to dispair.  We have been campaigning for over a year now for suppliers to offer as standard the pick up full return full policy, some suppliers have eventually agreed we hope by the end of the year that all suppliers will agree to this.

A simple way round this issue is to purchase our gold rate which prepays your first tank of fuel.

Our customer care team is always here to help and we pride ourselves on having a below industry average complaint ratio. The request for reviews service that we send you after your hire is complete gets forwarded on to the suppliers at the end of the year, even though this is not a way of complaining about your rental it is a good way of making sure the rental company takes note.

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 car hire USA

Latest usrentacar.co.uk Reviews

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I know, I know… I haven’t written a blog post for a long time now. Please usrentacar reviews 1accept my apologies. I’ve been beavering away on our attraction ticket blog, trying to make it popular, organise its content and set a style for it. To tell you the truth Orlando Attraction Tickets are lot more sexy and interesting than car rental (who would have thought it right!?)

Anyway today’s post is just a reminder about how good we are… yep its my annual blow our trumpet post.

As you may or may not know, we’ve been working with independant review specialist trustpilot for over a year now and current have 551 reviews regarding the service we offer our customers. These reviews ask our customer to rate the service they have received from us, not the supplier, just us. Although sometime this can get confused. The scores given are averaged to create a service level mark out of 10… currently we are rocking a very impressive 9.1.


So here are a few examples of the reviews customers have left.

Last 5 Reviews

Mark of Liverpool


Christine Roberts

We have used USrentacar each time we have been to the US over the last 10 years. We have stayed for long periods and they have always found us unbeatable prices. Each year I check with a few comparison sites but for a like-for-like deal I have never found anything cheaper or easier to use. Can sometimes find a cheaper deal but when you look at the small print you often find a lot of ‘add ons’ which are inclusive in the USRentacar Deals.


Very easy web site, booked the car I wanted

 G M Blacker
After loads of visits to the States and Florida, I find US Rentacar to be my best solution.
Rates are good and booking is easy. You can easly fall into a trap of off airport location or massively long wait times. With careful consideration US Rentacar give you that guidance and choice. You can even get a cheap alternative but I prefer not to
John Stead
We are of course happy with our 9.1 but we always strive for the perfect 10.
Kind regards,

 car hire USA

U.S. Rent A Car Blog Hits 700 Posts

Hi all,

Despite my negligence this year, the U.S. Rent A Car Car Hire USA blog has just hit 700 posts, an achievement we are all quite proud of.700 posts

The blog itself has been live since 2009 but it took us a bit of time to find our feet and figure out exactly what we wanted to be. Originally we posted reviews of Orlando and top 10 lists etc but for us it felt like every other corporate blog, it lacked personality.

The blog really took off when myself and Simon started writing specifically about car rental and making the posts more personal and even sometimes adding opinion. (shock, horror)

The blog is now a major communications tools for usrentacar.co.uk and posts and features have been included in other media sites, most recently due to our coverage of the International Driving Permit issue.

Here is our top 10 most read posts of all time.

NB: I have not included hits directly to our homepage or book usa car hire page.

  1. Alamo Car Hire Now Accepting Visa Debit For Security Deposit
  2. How Can I Guarantee A Ford Mustang?
  3. Why We Are Number 1
  4. Alamo Car Hire Choice Product
  5. Dollar Car Hire Confirm Customer Choice For US Rent A Car Clients
  6. My Top 5 Thrill Rides In Florida – SheiKra
  7. NEW: You Will Require An International Driving Permit To Drive In Florida
  8. Best Locations To Collect A Ford Mustang From In Florida
  9. Universal Orlando and usrentacar Strike Up Partnership
  10. New Alamo and Dollar Upgrade Special Offer

Here’s to 700 more posts and hopefully a well overdue facelift :-)



 car hire USA

NEW! You Won’t Require An International Driving Permit To Drive In Florida

Morning all,

When it comes to Florida car hire there’s nothing like complicating matters andflorida senate amendment as we reported back in February thats exactly what the Florida senate decided to do. By altering driving laws so that non-residence required an international driving permit it placed unnecessary cost and stress upon UK holiday makers everywhere.

Now we are pretty sure that the state of Florida didn’t do this on purpose, the idea of the alteration was to make it easier for Florida highway patrol to read and understand driving licences written in a foreign language (not English) and it is to their credit that they have acted quickly in overturning this law.

Spotted by U.S. Rent A Car customer, Darren Greaves, the Florida Senate yesterday passed a new bill (HB 7059) removing these restraints.

Driver Licensing; Revises provisions for exemption from obtaining driver license issued by this state; removes requirement that certain nonresidents possess an International Driving Permit; provides that nonresident of certain age possessing valid noncommercial driver license issued outside this state may operate noncommercial motor vehicle in this state; provides for retroactive application.

Looks like this drama is finally over and I sincerely hope the Florida Senate stays as far away from driving licence amendments as possible, :-)



 car hire USA

U.S. Rent A Car Announces The Introduction Of UZP To All Rentals

Morning all,

Over the past few months we’ve been working closely with International uzpInsurance Giant, Mrrgh Inc. to add additional coverage to our USA car hire.

Today we are delighted to announce that we have finally closed the deal that will allow usrentacar.co.uk to add U.Z.P to all our rentals, free of charge.

Here at  U.S. Rent A Car our rates already include CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance) and UMP (Unisured Motorist Protection) but we felt the cover didn’t go far enough.

Gavin Boswell CEO said;

We’ve been after such a cover ever since we first saw that AMC documentary featuring that bloke from Holby City. We take this type of cover very seriously which is why our UZP is not only the first in our industry but also represents the highest level of cover available from our partners, Mrrgh Inc.

UZP covers the whole of the vehicle including windscreen, under carriage and tyres as long as the damaged is caused in the usual way.

Karl Hendrie CTO said;

Granted you might not think you need UZP now, but imagine a situation where you’re attacked by Zombies and don’t have the relevant cover? I’m sure your first thought, like mine, would be OH NO! I should have booked with U.S. Rent A Car cos they offer Unlimited Zombie Protection!…

Long time customer, Ima Goner stated;

I feel much more secure knowing that my rental car is covered against Zombie attacks

Dave Smith of London added;

The last time I visited America my rental car was definitely attacked by Zombies and I wasn’t covered…. thank god for U.S. Rent A Car…god bless them one and all.

U.S. Rent A Car are proud to be the first car rental company to protect against a Zombie apocalypse and hope this vision and foresight will help our customers against unnecessary local charges.


Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Top Tips For Collecting Your USA Car Hire

Hi all,

Here at usrentacar.co.uk we are about to hit one of the busiest USA car hire top tipspick up times in the year, Easter! Along with the Summer holidays and Christmas,  Easter will see the largest number of our customers collecting their hire vehicles from our suppliers.

So I thought it might be a good idea to go over the process of collecting your car rental and what to look out for in regards to optional extras.

Collecting your car hire

To collect your car rental you will require the following

  • Your usrentacar.co.uk Car Rental Voucher – you can print this from our website or download our free voucher app.
  • Your full driving licence – If you’re from the UK this means both parts, it also has to be the actual licence regardless of what the DVLA tell you a fax copy is not sufficient.
  • A major credit card in the name of the lead driver. The credit card is used for security and must be in the name of the driver specified on your voucher.

At the desk

When collecting your car rental you will be expected to sign a rental agreement, this rental agreement is the contract between yourself and the car rental supplier, it is not the same as the terms and conditions offered by ourselves.

We appreciate you’ve been travelling for a long time but you must fully read and understand this document before signing it. U.S. Rent A Car can not be held responsible for anything you sign and agree to locally.

Remember you are the customer so take you time to read the document do not allow yourself to be rushed regardless of how long the queue is behind you.

Items you maybe offered

The guys and girls on the desks generally work on commission, they are paid a low basic wage and make up the remainder of their salary by up-selling customer. These add on’s are totally optional and refusal will not prevent you from renting the vehicle.

A few items that you might be offered are;

  • GPS units.
  • Advanced Roadside Assistance – your rental comes with basic roadside assistance, the supplier may offer you an advanced option which covers human error for example, putting the wrong petrol in the car or locking your keys in the vehicle.
  • Upgrades - The option to upgrade your vehicle to a hire spec, generally upgrading your vehicle is cheaper to do so before collection. Remember any upgrade offered will be at a per day rate.
  • Toll Passes - called various things like SunPass or Pass24 this optional extra is useful for those on a road trip or passing automated tolls. Prices vary from location to location and supplier to supplier.
  • Personal Accident Insurance - generally covered by your own travel insurance it covers you for personal injury.

Remember to fully read your rental agreement and double check if any of these items appear in error, some suppliers assume you’d want to take advantage of these items.

Top Tips

A few other tips you might bear in mind are;

  • Re-read your rental agreement when you get to your accommodation  anything you are unsure of is generally covered by the suppliers 24 hours satisfaction guarantee. Call them if you’re unsure.
  • Use the pre-registration services offered by our supplier to speed up your collection.
  • If possible, send once person to the car rental desks while the others get the bags sorted.

If you have any tips that I’ve left out please feel free to comment below. Have a great holiday and tell us all about it when you return.



 car hire USA

Thursday Could See The IDP Law Reversed

Hi all,

Florida lawmakers caused quite a stir recently when they amended Florida miami signStatute 322.04, concerning non residence  driving in Florida. The amended law was meant to make it easier for the Florida Highway Patrol to read driving licences written in a foreign languages (not English) what it actually did was send Canadian and British driving licence holders scrambling for the post office to purchase an International Driving Licence.

Credit where credit is due though, Florida lawmakers  reacted pretty quickly when they were made aware of the uproar it was causing oversea’s and issued a statement confirming that they had advised the Florida Highway Patrol not to enforce the law until the law was looked at again.

Reports in Florida suggest that the repeal hearing for this bill will be heard tomorrow (Thursday) and they are very confident that the law will be amended swiftly.

House Transportation and Highway Safety Chairman Daniel Davis, R-Jacksonville, told the House.

From time to time, we will pass legislation and find out there were some unintended consequences.

Mr Davis wanted to make it clear that;

Our state is open for business and we want to make sure we let them know we will roll out the red carpet.”

“Them” means Canadians, who provide Florida with the majority of its tourism. Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, said his chamber will take up the bill next week

Without a lot of delay. We certainly plan to take care of that issue. “I think that falls under the general category of unintended consequences. And we certainly don’t want to discourage our Canadian visitors. I come from Northwest Florida and we have a lot of Canadians who come down to our beaches and we want them to keep coming.

So it looks like the whole International Driving Permit saga is close to ending and I for one cannot wait!!! :-)



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Our User Voted FAQ Section Hits 500 Votes

Hi all,

Last year we launched the redesign of usrentacar.co.uk one of the new features that perhaps slipped under the radar was our unique FAQ system.

usrentacar faq

The idea behind the new FAQ system was to position the most read car hire USA questions by importance, but who’s to say what the most important questions are? We obviously know from a company point of view what we believe the most important are, but have we covered that on the website already and therefore it doesn’t require additional pushing?

So what we decided upon was a voting system managed by you, the user. Basically we ask users to click on our green thumb to state they’ve read the question,  found it useful and believe that others will find it helpful.

The system has worked pretty well, and we found that the most rated question was to confirm what was included within our rates…. that was until the Florida Senate decided to muck around with driving licence laws.

Within an hour of adding an FAQ regarding this issue it had received over 30 votes and was positioned in the number 1 spot, it has stayed there ever since and is currently on 50 votes.

This question not only took our FAQ section to over 500 unique votes but also helped communicate the amendment in Florida law (which has now been paused) to our customers.

I think we’ll mark that down as a job well done.



 car hire USA

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