Our Facebook Friends Top 10 Tips For USA Car Hire

Hi guys,

Last week I asked our brilliant facebook fans to give us their top 10 tips for car hire in the USA, we had some great replies, below are a collection of some of my favourite.

10 Top Car Hire USA Tips

  • If you are stopped by the police for any reason, remain in the car until the officer comes to you. (Mr P Boulter)
  • You should also carry both parts of your licence with you. (Mr P Boulter)
  • If you need to switch on your wipers because its raining, you need to turn your lights on too. (Mr P Boulter)
  • When you land at Orlando International Airport from the UK, you will come in at Terminal A. Everybody on your plane will be making there way to the same Car Hire desks in Terminal A and you will be faced with a long queue if you’re one of the last off the plane. Go over to Terminal B Car Hire desks, they are a lot Quieter and it is easier to get on to the Toll Road as you exit the airport from Terminal B. Just dont tell to many people… (Mr C Hindley)
  • Remember, your hire rate includes all your required insurances, so feel free to reject any extras the supplier may offer you. (Mr S Woods)
  • Get one member of the party to go directly to the car hire desks, while the other’s collect the bags. (Miss T Hall)
  • If you book a car from DOLLAR, sign up for Dollar Express membership before your holiday. It saves a huge amount of time by not queueing in the terminal with 500 other people. You can go straight to the car park & collect your car and get on the road to start your vacation. (Mr B Allan)
  • Never look back after the freedom that it gives you to explore your surrounding area. (Mr M Taylor)
  • Make sure you book the right car at the right airport otherwise your 25 year dream of drive west coast in a convertible will be ruined! Can i add that this is has no relevance to usrentacar, they always book the right car from the right airport. Unlike myself! (Mr M Sellers)
  • Book through usrentacar.co.uk to get the best deals and service. (Mr P Boulter)

Some cracking tips there from people who have actually hired from ourselves and experienced Florida Car Hire first hand. Personally Mr Boulter’s last suggestion tops the lot. ;-)

Just for clarity, all the facebookers who left comments were bribed with the reward of chocolate… you too can receive bribes by joining in on facebook.

What’s your top tip, do you agree with the comments above?



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