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Been sent some great information from one of our readers regarding language used in U.S. diners by waitresses and kitchen staff. Although its not strictly Car Hire USA related, I thought it was interesting… I could be wrong :-)

Diner Dictionary

Adam’s Ale - Water.

B & B - Bread and Butter.

Black and White – Chocolate soda and vanilla ice cream.

Boiled Leaves – Tea.

Cremate it – Toast it.

Cow Paste – Butter.

Hen Fruit – Egg.

Hot One – Chilli.

House Boat – Banana Spilt.

Flop Two – Flip two eggs.

Let The Sunshine In – Unbroken egg.

Lighthouse – Bottle of Tomato sauce.

Over Easy/Easy Over – Fried eggs turned.

Pitch Till You Win – All you can eat.

Shivering Eve – Apple juice.

Sun Kiss – Orange juice.

Sweep The Kitchen – Hash browns.

Vermont – Maple syrup.

Wax – America cheese.

Yellow Paint – Mustard.

So if you hear “flop two with lighthouse” don’t fear, you’re not going to have to eat a structure designed to emit light but just eggs with tomato sauce!!!

Have you heard any others we could add to the list?



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